Just Set It to Easy: The Casual LP Thread



ChorpSaway and I look at a little game released for a game jam. It’s very cute, join us won’t you?


Let’s Check Out Part Time UFO

Sometimes, HAL Laboratory makes a not-Kirby game. Before, the big puzzle series from them was Box Boy on the 3DS, and just recently they released a mobile game called Part Time UFO! It’s a cute little puzzle game where you play a UFO catcher that has to move objects around to accomplish goals. It’s a fun experience with plenty of variety and charm to carry it through its hours of puzzles. I adore the game, its customization options, and the ease with which HAL could continue to release puzzle packs for the game later down the line. It’s only $4, well worth your money and time.


So this was part of the first lp i ever did. my mics not good and i was still working on the kinks. plus ps4 shareplay blocked the last chunk of the game. But the chaos seen in this video is too good not to share. So i present to you Rohan destroys the universe and d’arbys worst day ever.

to see the good stuff time stamps are 16:00-20:07 and 46:30 till the end of the vid


Let’s Check Out Slap City (Early Access)

Today, Jay and I decided to check out Slap City, a neat little Smash Bros.-style game from Ludosity, the folks behind games like Ittle Dew! It’s currently still in production, so there are parts that are a bit rough around the edges, but I think what they’ve put together so far shows promise! We had a lot of fun just mashing out some fights together and figuring out who truly belongs in Slap City!


I’ve always enjoyed how the Ittle series takes the kind of goofy joke of “Generic enemy becomes morphed into Jenny Rick” and runs with it incredibly hard.

This is all I really have to say about this rather good looking game.


Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) doesn’t need an introduction by this point. It’s one of the most infamously bad, incomplete, unintentionally hilarious games in recent memory. Plenty of people have played it to show off its ridiculous badness, but few have actually been payed to do it. Thanks to my Patreon patrons, I have.
This is a totally casual, loose, goof-off playthrough of the game. The weird thing- despite never playing the game until now, I’m… weirdly good at it? I die plenty, but I end up not having an awful time with it despite how demonstrably unplayable it is. This is perhaps aided by my co-commentators, Mugiwara Yoshi, a long-time friend and collaborator whom I haven’t worked with in over a year until now, and JigglyJacob (Shadow’s story on) who is likewise but I have worked with more recently. We have a history goofing on Sonic (warning: pretty cheap and dated, but also necessary to understand our nonsense). We riff the shit out of the game and end up having a blast. However it’s worth noting that, because of this, this LP can be either hilarious to you or fucking annoying.

The Sonic Story was streamed on my Twitch to celebrate our channel’s 8th birthday, and later story streams followed in subsequent months. The LP parts have been edited down from the stream to shorten the egregious load times when possible and skip through long retries. New parts go up on Mondays.

Sonic’s Story

Shadow’s Story

Silver’s Story

Last Episode

(By Brenna Okazaki)

(By CJ)

(By MattM)


It had to happen eventually.


Sonic and friends must find a way back to their time, but they hit their first major tedious gameplay snag.
Followed by, uh-oh, Elise gonna explode.


Wow, Elise really wants out of this game.
This might be our most absurd section of commentary so far.


I hit a point in the game that is so painful and obnoxious, and which I do so badly, that I just had to keep it all in. Each death is more unbelievable than the last.


Hello Folks,

I’ve been wanting to get back into making Let’s Play, but couldn’t really figure out what game I wanted to do. I’ve been playing a lot of Slay The Spire, so I figured I’d occasionally record my runs in it. These videos will, at least initially, be informative so that folks who haven’t played can understand the mechanics. Also they’ll all be 45+ minutes long since each will encompass a run from start to finish. I might spin this out to it’s own thread if I end up making a ton of videos.


Recorded a run with the Silent that went pretty well. The intro got a bit cut off, but what can you do?


Let’s Check Out Fortune-499

Today, Jay and I schedule a meeting so that we can discuss Fortune-499 a puzzle game/RPG about working in magical resources for a heartless corporation! Made by one half of the team behind another puzzle game I love, Beglitched, Fortune-499 is systematically more simple while still having plenty of depth and space for experimentation. Join us as we play the odds and fight off a swarm of demon upstarts who want to disrupt our humble business!


Sonic goes out with a blast. Eventually.


I got around to recording another StS video. This time playing the game’s newest and most unique character, the Defect. This run goes pretty well. The deck I ended up with was delightfully absurd in the way this game can get.


Shadow’s story launches like an opossum on a racetrack.

E: Linked to the wrong video. Fixed.



E: Almost forgot, we’ve got fanart!

(By Brenna Okazaki)

(By CJ)

(By MattM)


Shadow and Rouge catch up to Sonic and friends in the future apocalypse. Ours has more cars.


Surprise. The worst boss of Sonic’s story is still awful when nothing’s different.


Shadow presses Silver’s friend button. It’s on the back of his head.