Jetpacks for everyone! Let's play Section-Z and friends?

Hello! Welcome to Section-Z and Friends?

When I was a kid, I remember renting a game on the NES called Section-Z mainly because I really liked listening to the title music. However, when I was done listening to the music and actually played the game, I found that the game was pretty neat and had some really nice mechanics. When I was older and had access to the internet/MAME, I found out that it was actually a port of an arcade game and the first of a loosely tied trilogy of games involving heroes with jetpacks. I also found other games which seems to have taken an influence from Section-Z which also are worth looking at. So, let’s get to playing.

GAMES THAT I WILL BE LOOKING AT (Videos links edited in as they are made)

  • Section-Z (NES/FDS)
    Area 1 (Sections 00-19)
    Area 2 (Sections 20-39)
    Area 3 (Sections 40-59)

  • Section-Z (Arcade)
    Full Play

  • Side Arms: Hyper Dyne (Arcade)
    Quick Look
    Side Arms Special (PC Engine CD) - Before Christ

  • Forgotten Worlds (Arcade)
    Quick Look

  • Abadox: The Deadly Inner War (NES)
    Quick Look

  • Final Mission/S.C.A.T (NES)
    S.C.A.T - Special Cybernetic Attack Team
    Final Mission

  • Legendary Wings (NES)
    Full Play Part 1
    Full Play Part 2

  • Legendary Wings (Arcade)
    Full Play

Why are you only doing “Quick Look” for some games and “Full Plays” for others?
Preference. It’s about how much I like playing the game and what I feel would be interesting. For example, Side Arms is kind of long and honestly a bit samey so I don’t know if I’ll be playing through the whole game. I don’t really care for Forgotten Worlds or Abodox so I’ll just be taking brief looks at those and I very little experience with Final Mission.

Wait…why is Legendary Wings on there?
Because I like it and it has some side-scrolling flying sections that kind of remind me of Section-Z.

So you are super good at these games right since you played them a bunch?
Nope. Expect blunders and bad gameplay every once in a while. I’m not going to be abusing save states or anything like that, but I will use easy difficulty selections if they give me the option.

Hey, game X should totally be on that list!
If you think I should take a look at a certain game, let me know and I’ll consider it if I feel it fits. The only game I’m straight out avoiding is Omega Five as I don’t own it and from what I remember from the demo, it plays like ass.

Also, this is my first video LP in a while so there might be some roughness around the edges. I’m also notoriously bad with audio balance so if you hear anything off, let me know.

Thanks for stopping by!


So, uh, finally got off my ass, rounded up some people, and recorded a new episode!

We finish out the NES version of Section-Z with what some would call a whimperbang.


I genuinely like a lot of the ideas from this game, even if the execution is a bit flaky. Especially a fan of the character design.


I really enjoy your lack of inhibition in talking about a game(s) you love so much. Especially for a project this ambitious.