Jenner's Thread to be Gay in, AKA Let's Watch Revolutionary Girl Utena!



The thread that will never die.


Jenner I will fight you.


Wait, is the implication that Chu Chu also dabs and has a fidget spinner, or is his presence just a coincidence? He’s about the size of an average fidget spinner, so how would that even work? Is he just supposed to be Anthy’s fidget spinner??

I’m really glad that those three no-name students are included, but Ruka isn’t. Fuck Ruka.


Chu-Chu’s presence in that spot depends entirely on whether the “vapes” category includes single vapings. Chu-Chu has absolutely done a vape. That being said, I highly doubt Chu-Chu vapes regularly. It was a one-time anime shenanigan.

The word “vape” has lost meaning now that I’ve contemplated Chu-Chu’s existence for an extended period of time.


Ruka isn’t included because he’s fucking dead.


If Souji can be a ghost so can Ruka!

Jokes on all though because Ruka never even existed. :ghost:

I have a confession, I have no idea what dabbing is.

Edit: Utena bot is back.




One more thing, I subjected Jenner to this on Friday and I’m surprised she didn’t post it.


Chu Chu Dab

I didn’t realize this diagram had canonical support for it.


I just want everyone to know that I got the game working tonight with a lot of help from @heyboots but the game audio is really desynced. As soon as I figure out how to fix that we’ll begin our shenanigans.


We’ll figure it out. Against all expectations to the contrary, Jenner is actually better at messing with video than I am.



I think I figured it out.


This Twitter thread, and all the content linked throughout it, belongs in this thread. Please take the time to read it.


Indeed. Revolutionary Girl Utena is real good.