It's Time to Go Fast and Fish. And Im all Out of Fish - Let's Play Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure. The first fullblown true blue 3D platformer for the blue blur. Yet unlike Mario 64 which many hold as a classic, Adventure often gets shafted these days as just another meme game from the cocaine fueled marsupial in his long history of stumbling through the third dimension, despite being a fairly solid introductionn to 3D for him. Released in 1999 in the west as part of the ill-fated but iconic Dreamcast’s launch library, Adventure broke ground for Sonic as a full 3d game with hub worlds, multiple story paths, variations in stages based on character choice, the Chao Garden, and more.

So today I thought I’d honor the game with a new Let’s Play, covering the original Dreamcast release. This is not the enhanced Remake, Adventure DX: Director’s Cut, which means version differences will be noted, from graphical changes, lighting…kerfuffles, updates to the Chao Garden and more. This will be updated 3 times a week, and covering the main game, but will not be a complete playthrough as that requires extensive replaying of stages and the Chao Garden, which I do not have the time for.


Ah, the obligatory gambling level. NICE.


Well, we lost our emeralds. But thats fine, we found an amusement park!

We need to go even faster. It is time to shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE

Its time to infiltrate the Egg Carrier. To the Sky Deck!

Get a Load of This, its the end of Sonic’s Story!

And now, everyones favorite game gear game, Tails Adventure!

Getting blasted out of the sky was so fun, let’s do it a SECOND time!

Tails finally figured out how to believe in himself. And now to NEVER let him do that again.

Knock Knock! It’s KNUCKLES

Knuckles has dug in through the floor. Run.

If Knuckles was a doctor, I imagine he’d be a dentist. A TERRIFYING dentist

Have no fear, Amy Rose is here!

Amy is apparently sick of this adventure already, but TOO BAD.

Amy is sick of your shit Zero. ITS HAMMER TIME

I can no longer escape him. Everyone, it’s time. For FISH

We’re fishing up the end of Big’s story early. Why? CAUSE I WANT OUT

All systems are a go. Gamma, let’s rock

Man. Eggman’s a shit father in this game. Im gonna go blow up my own brothers to show how bad a father he is.