It's Something of a "Family Business"- Let's Play The Entire Blackwell Series

What is this?

The Blackwell games are a series of five point and click adventures by Wadjet Eye Games.

Plot Summary

As far as we know, from where we’re up to:

  • The protagonist is an awkward nerd who writes book reviews for a newspaper
  • Her boss sends her off to do something that is incredibly not in her job description
  • Her Aunt just died, after suffering from some kind of long-term hereditary illness for 25 years. This illness may or may not involve an individual named “Joey”
  • We met a ghost

And that’s the plot summary for right now.

They’re really cool (if slightly dated) adventure games, and honestly half the reason I’m doing the LP is to have an excuse to play the first four again before playing the newest game for the first time.

:siren: Content Warning :siren:
The Blackwell series tends to cover some pretty heavy stuff.
Death comes up a lot in the series, often in the form of murder and suicide.
Any individual update that contains something I feel needs a warning, will have its own warning
(Please feel free to comment and suggest that I add warnings, if you believe I’ve neglected to do so!)

The games are, in order:
(Update links will go here)

The Blackwell Legacy:

Blackwell Unbound:

Blackwell Convergence:

Blackwell Deception:

Blackwell Epiphany:

Who’s in this dang game?

Every Character We've Met

Roseangela Blackwell.
Voiced by Rebecca Whittaker

She lives on her own, and has met absolutely nobody in the past five years at least.
Writes book reviews apparently, but seems up for whatever.

Nishanthi Sharma.
Voiced by Ruth Weber

A really sweet lady who loves her goddamn dog, and is just, generally a lovely person.
Plays the flute well enough to attract a crowd.

Voiced by Cooper Kaplan


Kelly Hawthorne.
Voiced by Chen-Yung Hsu

Cool but crude. The boss of Part 2. She guards a photo of her room-mate.
The only character we’ve met who isn’t a total dweeb

Adrian Tucker.
Voiced by Thomas Tucker

College R.A. Seems willing to divulge whatever.
As soon as we leave, Kelly is going to beat him up for being a snitch.

Jim Burdo.
Voiced by Matt Garnder

Just some punk. The boss of Part 1. He guards Rosangela’s apartment from her.
Also, is a scab.

Dr. Quentin
Voiced by Joe Rodriguez

He presents himself like a kinda nice old dude, but he’s really a proper freak.
Dude’s been keeping facts of my aunt’s medical condition secret from literally the only person who deserves to know about my aunt’s medical condition, my aunt’s niece (me)
Lowkey negging me about my job.

"Hospital Guard"
Voiced by Francisco Gonzalez

A chill guard.
Could have made waves, but he let me right on through.
Nice fellow.

What’s the plan?

I’m gonna play these here games, and post pictures of it as I do so, innit.

I’m also going to include the director’s commentary, inside hidden details- don’t click on them if you’re worried about spoilers! He won’t spoil the newer games, but he will spoil this one.

I’ll update at least once a week.

:siren:ARE SPOILERS OK?:siren:

Of course not, it’s a story game about story, get outta here. And this is a LP of the whole series, not just the first game, so you can’t spoil the later games either.
This summary page also is avoiding spoilers- I’ll update it to reflect the information we learned in the latest update.

Content Warning!

This update contains:

Discussion about the death of a family member,
Someone scatters that family member’s actual ashes,
Like a really dark bit where they say a character was probably in constant excruciating torment for 25 years

Day 1: Part 1
Commentary Classic- "Welcome!"

Hello, this is Dave GIlbert, and welcome to the commentary track for The Blackwell Legacy.

This is the voice you’re going to be hearing babble at you throughout the course of the game, and if you ever get tired of me talking, or I’m talking too much, or you just get, sick of the sound of my annoying voice, you can just hit any key on the keyboard, and I will dutifully disappear, and shut up.

To start with, I guess I just want to thank you for purchasing the game. That’s really cool of you, you’re keeping me in (mumbling) coffee, and stuff, while I write these games.

Ummm, a bit of history, I guess- this game originally started as a freeware game, way back when- 2002, 2003- it was a game called “Bestowers of Eternity”, and it was quite a bit different.
It starred Rosangela Blackwell, and it involved Joey- to a lesser extent- uh, and I never actually finished the game. It was never complete.

But I released it anyway, and slapped a really lame “to be continued” at the end, and ended on a really bad, nasty cliffhanger, that had everybody really annoyed at me!

But people really seemed to like the game, and so earlier this year, when I was thinking about making episodic games, I thought about Bestowers, and I thought it was well suited to an episodic format, because you have two characters you can relate to- you know, you can follow, throughout a series, and there was a nice backstory that could be revealed over time, and because they were investigators, each game could be another investigation. So, I thought that worked out well.

So that’s a bit of history for ya, that’s how this game (poshly) got started, and conceived.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the game! Or rather, I hope you DID enjoy the game, because I do recommend playing the game first, because I will be giving stuff away- so if you want to avoid “evil spoilers”, and you haven’t played the game, I suggest you turn this commentary off.
Otherwise, click that “new game” button, and we’ll begin.

We open on this lovely view of the harbor. Looks like somone’s hanging out there on her own. What’s that goofball doing…?


I guess this is it. Years of waiting and hoping, and it comes down to this.
Do I love you? Do I miss you?
I don’t know for sure. I hardly know you.
But you’re the closest thing to family I’ve got, and I suppose that’s something.
Good bye, Auntie.

Also is that legal

Wherever you are.

Commentary Classic- "The Brooklyn Bridge"

This is, of course, the Brooklyn Bridge, which connects Brooklyn to downtown Manhattan, and- what a view, man, what a view!
What a great way to start the game off!

You can’t actually do what Rosa just did- there’s uh, a second level to the bridge, below this one, so Rosa actually just poured her aunt’s ashes onto, uh, oncoming traffic…
But, that’s something I chose to ignore, just because I love this view so much, and it was a nice way to open the game.

The guy who drew this picture, his name is Christ Femo, he’s the second background artist who came on board, kinda towards the end, uh, when Tom Scary kinda got this demanding full time job, and wasn’t able to do the exteriors- and I actually had to run out to the Brooklyn Bridge and take this picture, because there, uh-

I tried looking online for a nice reference picture, but… It didn’t have what I wanted. There are a lot of pictures taken OF the bridge, but not a lot of pictures taken of the view FROM the bridge, so I actually had to trudge out there and take the picture, and Chris drew it from that.

Commentary Classic- "Ian Schlaepfer"

The guy who did all the sprites in the game, his name is Ian Schlaepfer, he did Rosa’s walk cycle, and, there’s something really perfect about this walk cycle. She just walks, she’s just kinda hesitant and aggressive at the exact same time, and I can’t exactly pinpoint HOW it works, but it works. So, uh, good work, Ian, I don’t know how you did it, dude, but you did it.

Huh. Sure that’s not important.

:female_detective: That intro got me in the mood for some goddamn mysteries. :female_detective:

What a morning.
At least I’m home now.

Maybe so, but this fella looks like trouble.

He isn’t about to intimidate us, though.

Hi there.

Um… Hi?

So who are you visiting today?

Oh no, is this a shakedown


Seriously, who are you here to see?
I can’t let you in unless you tell me.

Um… I live here?

No, you don’t.
I know everybody in the building. I don’t know you.

Commentary Classic- "Matt Gardener"

Matt Gardener playing the doorman here, is a guy from Arizona, this amazing cartoonist. Uh, he does a lot of these flash cartoons on Newgrounds, you should check him out- his username there is Wogoat, that’s w-o-g-o-a-t, and uh he does does these fantastically hysterically x-men parodies, you should check that out.

Uh, he does the voices for his own cartoons, mostly, so I knew he had good equipment, and I knew he could uh, do good voice acting, so, uh, when he offered to do a voice I said (weird-ass voice) “hey, yeah, sure, come on, check it out!”

Uh, he also did most of the sketches for the close-up photographs in this game.

Yeah, uh, so that’s Matt.

Alright, you ~millennial~, time for you to wake up and face reality. Here’s a dose of vitamin Fact

Really, I live here.

Nice try.
I know everybody in the building., and I don’t know ya. Sorry.

I’ve lived here for five years!

Then how come I’ve never seen you before?

I have no idea!
Does it matter?

If you lived here, I’d know you.
That’s all there is to it.

Heh, that went just like an argument on twitter.
Yeah? Like that one? I like that one.
Who the hell are you, kid.

Who the hell are you?

Jim Burdo.

All right. Jim.
Where’s the regular doorman?

Jeez, where have YOU been?
He’s on strike.

He’s what?

Strike. All the building servicemen in the city are doing it.
Union rules or something. I stepped in to help because I know everybody.

How come nobody told me?

Notices were posted up all over the building.
I put 'em up myself. If you lived here, you’d have seen 'em.

Who pays attention to things like that?

Well, that’s not my problem.

The kid’s a goddamn scab

Listen, I really live here.
Fourth floor, number 4E.

4E? Hm.
Isn’t that apartment empty?

:siren: Oh my god am I a g- :siren:

I live there!

oh. :woman_shrugging:

And I want to GO there, thank you very much!

Hm. Maybe you’re telling the truth.

He sees reason. Thank god.

Do you have any ID? A driver’s license or something?

I have a driver’s license. It’s…
Upstairs. In my desk drawer.


Come on! This is :us: New York :us:
Who actually drives?

But I still can’t let you in unless you prove you live here.

Ugh, alright kid. Tell me what you think about the union whose protest you are currently undermining.

How long is this strike going to last?

Dunno. Could be a couple hours, or a couple of days.
Depends on whether they reach a settlement or not. I don’t know the details.

What do you WANT, my dude

OK. I have no ID and you don’t know me. What can I do to prove that I live here?

Hm. Well, can anyone in the building vouch for you?

I’m not sure. I mean, I don’t really know anybody here.

How long have you lived here, again?

Be quiet. Not all of us are social butterflies.

OK. Whatever.
Hey, what about Nishanthi Sharma? She could vouch for you.

You want me to, heh. “Talk to a living human being who might recognise me”? Well now, welcome right back to 1988.
Oh, that was a year, kid. Yeah, we even had years before the 2000s.

Who is Niss… Nish…?

Nish-an-tee. Nishanthi Sharma. She lives in 4F.
You know.
You really don’t get out much, do you?

Your point?

Nothing. But I’m sure she could vouch for you.

Great. Call her up.

She’s not here.

Of course she isn’t.
So I gotta wait here all day for her?

You might have to.
Although she usually goes to Washington Square Park in the mornings. You could look for her there.

Kid’s lucky I’m on parole, I’ll tell you what.

(Grinding teeth) I’ll be back.

See you around.

Well, that was a waste of time. But before we go find Nishanthi, we’ve actually had something in our pocket we should take a look at.

Wait, if I have this in my pocket, why did we try to come home first? Clearly we were planning on dropping by.
I guess it’s been a long day.

A wholly unique videogame locale.

Commentary Classic- "The Map Screen"

The map screen was hard to design, because three of the locations were fairly close to each other, and one of the locations was, was far away.
So it was hard to really come up with a good design for- a version there just had a, stupid little menu, just for the beta testing stage…

And then, finally, Eyal Jammer, a graphic artist who came on board, originally to do photographs, I’ll talk about that later, but uh, he offered to do extra stuff, and I- one of the first things I asked him to do was, “hey, can you come up with a map screen? I’m totally stumped”, and he came up with this design, and, uh, these big icons that represent uh, different areas and locations you go to, and it-

It works really well, because, um, the icons are big enough that the fact that some of them- one of the locations is farther away than the others it, didn’t really matter so much, so uh…

I can’t quite explain HOW it worked, but it does work, and I think it works well.

Oh, this doesn’t look so bad. The lights did flicker, but I didn’t want to make a gif just to show off bright flashing lights so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Commentary Classic- "The Hospital Lights"

You just saw the lights flickering on and off? Originally, uh, I had wanted to do that to kinda establish that the lights in this hospital are, are a little bit faulty so the guard wouldn’t get so crazy suspicious later on when the lights totally went, uh, went off.

And originally this room had the lights flickering randomly as you wandered around, and I kinda liked that, although I realised when I started getting more graphical elements in- the door that opens and shuts, the guard that fiddles with the antenna, and all this stuff, that it just got to be much more complicated than I had originally wanted it to be, because the lights- the light levels wouldn’t match.

Um, I’d do an animation for, you know, the door opening, but the door opening would be for to the, you know, the lit room, and the guard animating for the radio, that was also for the, the lit version of the room, and switching back and- you know it just got way too complicated, and eventually I decided, eh, forget it, I’ll just have the lights flicker when the elevator doors open and shut, and in a way that kinda makes sense, because I used to have a printer, actually, and every time we printed something the lights in my apartment would get dangerously dim and start flickering on and off, so this isn’t entirely out of, out of laziness, you can logically justify it, so I hope I can be forgiven.

Another goddamn doorman. You wanna get in my way too?

I’m here to see Doctor Quentin.

Uh huh.
Is he expecting you?

I’ve got this letter right here.

Okay. Looks legit.
Go right in.


Commentary Classic- "Francisco Gonzalaz"

Francisco Gonzalaz, you might recognise from, uh, Shivah, uh, he did the voice of the detective in Shivah, and now he plays another, sort of law enforcement guy, he plays the hospital rent-a-cop.

Uh, he was very patient- Francisco was very very patient with me, because I kinda waited until the, uh, the very end to send in the script, cuz I wanted to, to kinda make sure I had everything, um, in place, in the, um, the script bible, and of course as I, uh, being disorganised, I left, you know, about six or seven lines out of it, and I emailed him in a panic, like “(completely incomprehensible)”, and so he would, he would, dutifully send them back, like, by the next day, he’d recorded them.

He did a great job, he’s easy to work with, he does great work, and he writes great games, too, he has a, a series of games called Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator, uh he goes under the name “Grundislav Games”, he calls himself “Grundislav”, on the internet. I think he’s up to number 6, or 5, or… 7? He’s so prolific, it’s, very hard to keep track. So, Ben Jordan, Francisco Gonzalaz, Grundislav games. Check him out.

Knock knock.

Come in.

Doctor Quentin?


I’m Rosangela Blackwell.

Oh, hello. Come in, come in.

I will, but I refuse to sit. I will not give you the pleasure, you old bastard.

You got my letter, I trust?

Yes, I did.

Good, good.
My condolences on the loss of your mother.

Commentary Classic- "Joe Rodriguez"

You might recognise, uh, the voice of the doctor- as the same guy who did the voice of Rabbi Zelig, in The Shivah, and the guy behind the voice, his name is Joe Rodriguez, and I know him from my improv group, and Joe is such a funny, funny, funny guy, um, man, this guy, he- he’s so funny, I can’t even explain how, he’s just really funny.

Um, but he’s got this great baritone, as you can, as you can hear, and I wanted the doctor to have this kind of very calm, maybe even slightly clinical, but deep voice, and I knew Joe would be perfect, so um. He lives kinda far away from me, uh, very far, he lives in Conneticut, I’m in New York, and so, uh, I knew he’d be perfect.

I knew he actually has professional equipment in his house, so he could do all the voices from his house, and he is such a good actor I didn’t have to worry about having to constantly be on hand to direct him, so I was willing to kinda let him, let him do his own thing, and if I really wanted something to change I, I would, uh, tell him, but I never had to, uh, ask him to change everything because everything was, everything was perfect. Joe could nail it every single time without any directions, so yay Joe, Joe is awesome, and, uh, if Joe doesn’t make it in the world of voice actoring, that’s a crime, that’s a big crime.

Thanks, but she was my aunt. Not my mother.

Ah, quite right. Quite right.

So, you wanted to talk to me about something?

Yes. Yes I did.
But before we get into that, how are you holding up?

Has anyone ever said anything other than “I’m fine” to “how are you holding up”?

I’m fine.

That’s good to hear.
You’ve received the ashes?

Yes. I scattered them this morning.

I imagine you must miss her.

I, clicked the wrong option accidentally. I’m sorry for the highly callous response you’re about to see.

Not really.


Nothing’s really changed. Her body might have been alive, but her mind certainly wasn’t.

That’s a… pretty severe attitude, wouldn’t you say?


But if she weren’t “alive” as you say…
Why did you make it a point of visiting her all those years?

“Why would you visit someone you don’t consider to be alive” is a highly silly question, doc.

Habit, I guess?
It was a place to go every week.

Commentary Classic- "Rosa the Ice Queen!"

Rosa’s not sappy about her family, she’s very realistic- she kinda pushes those feelings away. And a lot of the beta testers noted the fact, they’d say, “Hey, Rosa is such a b****, about her aunt, I mean, holy crap, she’s just so mean”, and, this was totally done on purpose, she doesn’t always necessarily think what she says, uh, the doctor is trying to invade her personal space. and she kinda retaliates by, uh, saying this really nasty stuff, and uh, she knows it’s nasty, and she’s really just trying to get a reaction from him, and it’s just this very neurotic thing that she’s doing.

Because Rosa does care, she visited her aunt every week, you’ll see later on she asks Joey many questions about her aunt, she wants to know about her, she wants to know about her family, but up until now, uh, it was something that was always denied to her, so she’s always very realistic, and doesn’t like to dwell on those feelings, because nothing would ever come of those. She kinda just shoved it away, and, uh, pretended it didn’t bother her.

So that’s, uh, that’s really the essence of who Rosa is at this moment in time, and if she does act like a bit of an ice queen, it’s totally on purpose.

And now that you don’t have to?

What do you want me to say?
Auntie’s dead. Life goes on.

So you’ll just keep living, is that it?


Keep writing your little book reviews in the paper, right?

Geez rude as hell old man

You know about those?

It’s hardly a secret.
A number of the staff have read them, yes.

I didn’t think a West Village paper would interest anyone up here.

I have to be honest, Miss Blackwell.
The staff read them because they were more interested in YOU.



Their intentions are purely benign, I assure you.
It was your Aunt they were primarily interested in.
They wanted to know more about her family, and you proved to be… shall we say, less than eager to comply?

That’s their problem.

Indeed. It was your choice to make.
Your Aunt was an… interesting case.
And now that she’s gone, I was hoping you’d be more forthcoming with me.
Just an informal chat. We can discuss her condition.
And yours too, of course.

Commentary Classic- "Bestowers Reference"

The music here, if you pay attention, is a very subtle, ticking noise, and I was told, later on, that it was a cool noise, but it’s also a reference to the original, a very subtle reference, to the original Bestowers of Eternity, where, uh, you had to do a really, really awful puzzle, and- for that I’m sorry, uh, involving a stopwatch, uh, involving a stopwatch alarm clock, you had to, uh- gonna give away the puzzle here, because it was, uh, it was, so bad, that I’m not giving anything away.

You had to lie down on the doctor’s couch, and he hypnotised you, and he would leave the room, and, uh, in order to wake up while the doctor was still out you had to set the stopwatch to wake you up while the doctor was out, it was a really horrible puzzle.

I did not include it in this game, not by a long shot, it was so awful, um- you know, I’m sorry about that, I really am sorry about that original horrible puzzle. I like to pretend the original Bestowers never existed
I have to be totally honest, A lot of people tell me that it was the best thing I did, and, god, I hope not. I really hope not, I look at that now and I just wince. I hope I managed to redeem myself with the Blackwell Legacy, that’s another reason I why I changed the title, I just don’t wanna be associated with Bestowers of Eternity. But anyway, yeah, the music, clock ticking, reference. Yeah.

MY condition? Pshaw, I’m perfectly fine. Tell me about my aunt.

You never could find out what was wrong with her, huh?

No, we didn’t. But she still remains a fascinating case.

I don’t understand.

Forgive me. I speak from a purely professional perspective.
I didn’t know your Aunt personally.

Neither did I.
But… fascinating?

It might come as a surprise, but yes.

But she was practically catatonic.
All she did was lie there for twenty years.
She’d sometimes twitch or mumble something incoherent, but I wouldn’t call that fascinating.

Well, as you know, she wasn’t exactly catatonic. We kept her sedated.

Right… She had outbursts.

Yes, and we had to sedate her heavily to keep her calm
Especially in preparation for your visits.

What are you trying to say?

Miss Blackwell, we are not a nursing home.
We’re not content to merely keep a patient comfortable. We are, after all, in the healing profession.
We were trying to heal your aunt, and to do that we had to speak to her.

Wait… You spoke to Auntie?

We tried to.

Did she answer back?

After a fashion, yes.


If Auntie spoke, why wasn’t I told?

Miss Blackwell, do you remember what brought your aunt here in the first place?
Her screaming? Her hitting herself?

I… I was only five years old at the time.
But I kind of remember.

In order to prevent her from doing harm to herself or others, we were forced to sedate her.
When we limited her medication, she simply reverted to her former state.
Her natural state, I am sorry to add.

What did Auntie say?

Nothing that made any sense.
But one thing was clear. She was in great pain.

Pain? What kind of pain?

Are doctors in America just allowed to withhold stuff like “your Aunt is in constant excruciating pain”?

It’s difficult to say.
But it was… immense.

How immense?

When we reduced her medication, the transformation was dramatic.
Her eyes flew open. She thrashed. Her screams… well. We had to gag her, eventually.

My god…

I know.

Did she still… feel it… when she was sedated?

We don’t know.
But there’s no way of knowing.

Twenty five years…

I know.

Poor Auntie.

Gee doc that sounds pretty awful alright, damn.
Glad I don’t have to worry about that.

Wait. What do you mean by “my condition”?

Hereditary dementia is my specialty, Miss Blackwell.
And in my opinion, there is significant cause for concern.

Sorry… did you say “hereditary”?

Yes. Two generations.
Your aunt, and her grandmother before her.

My… Grandmother?

Yes. Patricia, I think her name was. Right?

I never knew my grandmother.
Auntie Lauren was it. There was nobody else.
She couldn’t exactly provide me with a family history.

Oh, I see.
I had no idea.

Well maybe you SHOULD have.
Did anyone else come in to visit her, besides me?

No. You are correct. I should have read the family history more carefully.
I do apologise. I just assumed.
Well, nevermind.
It doesn’t change the fact that you should be concerned as well.

Go on.

Patricia Blackwell suffered her mental collapse at the age of fifty-five.
Lauren Blackwell underwent hers at the age of forty.

What are you saying?
That the same thing is going to happen to me?

I am saying that there is significant cause for concern.

If someone told me this I’d die on the goddamn spot Rosangela is tough as nails.

So. I had a grandmother.

Apparently so.

How do you know about her?

It was in your Aunt’s case history when she was brought to us.
Patricia Blackwell’s symptoms were the same. Word for word.
Patricia’s case was severe, and she was young, but it was chalked up to being an ordinary case of dementia.

Until it struck her daughter.

Until twenty years later, when it struck her daughter. Yes.

it seems impossible.

Perhaps it’s genetic, but we’ve detected no abnormality.

The implication I was getting is that it was highly abnormal but OK

You couldn’t find any other link between the two cases?

None, aside from the family connection.
And… a name.

A name? What name?

The documentation we had on your grandmother is minimal, but there was one interesting item noted.
During her more lucid moments, she uttered the name “Joey”.
Your Aunt, too, would cry out that name on occasion.



Who’s Joey?

We’ve been wondering the same thing for twenty five years.

Huh, that’s weird! That’s one hell of a thing. And you’re saying, I also, might get infected with this “Joey”?
You know, I’m starting to wish you’d told me this a couple years ago!

So what should I do?

Right now? Nothing.

Got you covered, old man.

This type of thing is unprecedented.
There is no procedure to go through, or medication I can give you.
I just want you to be aware, is all.
And come talk to me if… Well, there is any concern.

Don’t worry dude you’ll be the absolute first person I’ll come to when I start presenting with symptoms of “Joey”.

Is there anything else you need to tell me before I go?

Your Aunt had some personal effects in storage. As the next-of-kin, you’re the beneficiary.

:mag: This is the “Blackwell Legacy”, which means we’ve cleared the main side-quest in the game! :mag:

It’s just a folder. Some documents, and so on.
It’s being sent to your address via messenger.

Oh. Well, thanks for that.

It is no problem at all. Good Bye, Miss Blackwell.
My schedule is fairly open now, so feel free to drop in anytime.
I’m always happy to discuss my favorite patient.


I think that went really well.

Right, well. That was a little much, but we can’t go home just yet. First we hafta go make a new friend.

Oh, lovely. Where are we now, Rosangela?

Washington Square.
It’s been a while since I’ve been here.

Rosangela, I’m getting the impression it’s been a while since you’ve been pretty much anywhere.

Still looks the same, I guess.
Although the dog park is empty. I wonder why.

Commentary Classic- "The dog park"

This is a real place, Washington Square is a real park, and this dog part does exist, and it’s usually a lot busier than it is, than you see now, there’s usually lots of little dogs running around.

And I have lots of fond memories of this place, there was a dog, a friend’s dog I was looking after a few years ago, and I brought the dog to this dog park, and it was a, heck of a lot of fun, just uh, watching the dogs just run around, and I made the mistake of bringing a breakfast sandwich one morning, and, uh, I was very popular with the dogs that day.

Only one way to find out.

(Reading) “Please note! Dog walking park is closed until further notice.”

And there you have it. But…
But what’s this?

Now I’m getting a stress headache.
I need to get home.

I cannot fathom the emotional stability it’d take to get a headache after that doctor visit and not start crying


Commentary Classic- "I am quite selfish"

There’s a slight selfish aspect to writing a game, or story, or a film, that takes place, uh, in a real world location- especially when it’s your home town, or your home city.
And that is, you get to include locations that you really love, and this place, Washington Square park, it’s just… I love this place, it’s right by NYU, you get all the- all the- all the kids there, you get all the- Kids meaning college kids, uh you get all the political rallies, the musicians, just-

All sorts of life just flows through this place. It’s just a great place to go and hang out, you know, sometimes, uh, when things would get busy or hectic, I would sit down on a bench, and I’d look at this exact view you’re looking at now, just munch on a sandwich, drink a cup of coffee or something, and just watch the world spin by.

Uh, this is my home, right here, and I’m very happy that Chris Femo managed to get it right. I really wanted to stress the fact that I wanted this to be accurate- that arch in the background, that fountain- they’re so iconic to Washington Square park, and New York in general!
So, I’m glad I got to include this, this location.

And also the lady I’m after, wonderful. I’ll see you later, dog.

That’s her.
I recognise her from my building. Nishanthi… Sharma, was it?
This is going to be awkward.

Oh god at least wait until she takes a break.



I can’t do it.
I can’t just barge up to her.
Not in front of all those people.
They’re all staring…

Problem and… solution?

Commentary Classic- "I hate dog leashes"

So, I wanna give some advice to any of you budding adventure game designers out there, who might conceive of using a dog, a dog leash, uh, in their game. I want you to heed my warning, because, uh, and, and, benefit, from the, uh, value of my experience, because I want to tell you first hand, this dog leash, nearly killed me.

And when I say it nearly killed me, I mean it nearly killed me, because, holy crap, this dog leash would not do what it was supposed to do.

Uhm, it’s a, it’s a line that was drawn, um, kind of on the fly, using the engine, um, from one point to another point, and I had to, um, kinda using coding to tell the dog leash where to go, and holy crap was this, was this annoying.
Either the dog leash would spontaneously, uh, disappear for a second or two, or it would draw itself um, above the dog’s head, or it would be absolutely perfect, and then the dog would turn and the dog leash would be in a totally different location.

Uh, getting, once I got that right, getting the dog leash to work perfectly while the dog walked AROUND that frigging lamp post, um, that proved to be an incredibly daunting task.

I mean, this dog leash, I, I HATE this dog leash, I HATE IT SO MUCH. I want to take this dog leash, rip it up, set it on fire, take the ashes, put them in the, dumpster, and then set fire to the dumpster, and then take those ashes and then STEP ON THEM. UGHHHH.
I hate you dog leash, goddamn it I hate you.

Wow. That felt, uh, that felt really good. Um. Yeah, so um, dog leash, very hard.


Oh for heaven’s sake…
Don’t worry, Moti. I’m coming.

Hey, check out what I did to your dog

There. All better.
I can’t take you anywhere, can I?

What’s all better? He’s still stuck around the pole. You just touched his little head.

Oh, it’s you!
The lady next door.

Yeah. Hi.

Rhonda, isn’t it?

No. Rosangela.

Well, Rosangela.
I hope my friend here hasn’t been giving you any trouble.

Uhhhhhh yeah I’m gonna compliment that goddamn pooch.

That’s a… cute dog you’ve got.

Isn’t he just!
Normally he behaves, but he seems to have taken a shine to you.

Oh. Great.

Anyway, I don’t think we’ve formally met.
I’m Nishanthi.


So you said.

Oh. Right.


I have a… strange favor to ask.

Go ahead and ask. What are neighbors for?

You know that building servicemen’s strike?

Yes. Jim Burdo is covering, isn’t he?

Yeah. That’s the problem, see.
He doesn’t recognise me.

So you need me to vouch for you?

Yeah. I know this is pretty stupid.

Don’t worry about it.
Moti is getting a little cranky anyway.
Let’s get you home.


Oh that was way better than the last thing we did. In and out.

Uh oh.


Are you all right?

I’m fine. I just… need to get home.

All right. Let’s keep walking.

Commentary Classic- "Washington Square is a real place"

I mentioned earlier, how Christ Femo came onboard kinda towards the end, and Tom Scary had started to draw this picture, and I kind of implied that Chris, you know start with that, and just finish it- but, um I gave him the reference picture, and then he said, “Can I just, you know, can I just do it my way, can I just do what I want”, and I said “Yeah, sure”.

Uh, I misunderstood, I thought he meant, uh, can he do the picture his own way, you know, kinda using the picture as a reference.

He didn’t realise that it was a real location, he thought I just showed him that picture just to show kinda what I had in mind, he didn’t realise it was a real place, so when he ended up drawing the picture, thank god it was just an outline, he had a bridge in the background, he had, you know, a river, he had, a- it was just- totally wrong, and I took one look at it and, it was just so detailed, and so wonderful and I just said, “(hisses through teeth), uh, god, look, I’m sorry, this is- this is great, but, ehhhh, it’s wrong, I’m sorry…”

And, uh, I told him it was a real place, and he didn’t realise it was a real place, and it was this horrible misunderstanding, but he was a good sport about it, thank god he just did an outline, he didn’t actually do the whole, the whole picture, because you see how, how beautiful this picture is, and it would have been a real shame if he had to, uh, had to do all that work for nothing.

Hopefully you’ve realised the red arrow was added hastily by me, and isn’t an actual professionally produced videogame asset.

Oh you’re in trouble now you little-

Hello, Jim.

Hey, Miss Sharma.

Jim, this is Rosangela. She lives here.

She does? Okay.
Sorry about earlier. Had to be sure.

Oh you are about to GET IT you scab punk.

Well, now you’re sure.
And you must be SO proud of yourself.

:siren: YOOOO :siren:


Never mind. Just get out of my way.

I bet we talked about that sweet dunk I did on Jim on the elevator ride.

Well. Here we are.

That stupid kid…

Well, perhaps.
But try not to be so hard on him. We’re all neighbors, after all.

Yeah, I guess.


Looks like somebody is hungry.
I’d best get this spoiled puppy fed.
Feel free to drop in anytime you want.

Commentary Classic- "Ruth Weber"

Ruth Weber, uh, the lady who is doing the voice of Nishanthi here, you might recognise her from “The Shivah”, my previous game.
She also played an indian woman, named Rajshree.
Ruth is not an indian woman, in case you were wondering- it’s just uh, a coincidence- but in The Shivah, I had her do the indian accent, and I learned my lesson.
Not that Ruth was bad, far from it, it’s just that, I felt that, when I tell actors to do accents, they tend to focus a lot of their energy onto making sure the accent is right, then into actually, acting.

And I decided here that Nishanthi would not have an indian accent, and I kind of, uh, wrote the character as someone who was very Americanized all of her life, and then when she got to be older, decided to reconnect with her indian roots, so, uh, if she didn’t have the accent, it was fine!
And if there was some Indian cultural things I got wrong, it was OK, because Nishanit isn’t an expert on Indian culture, she’s just kinda reconnecting with it later in life, so she wears the Sari, she plays the instrument, she’s got some Indian decorations, but if it’s not totally accurate, that’s OK! So that was kind of an easy out, an easy backdoor, for myself.


I’ll visit that puppy any time, you just watch.

I’ll think about it.

Commentary Classic- "NYC attitude"

With this game, there was one thing I really wanted to get right above all things, uh, it was to get the New York lifestyle, the New York attitude, the New York scene, um, across well, to you guys.

Um, I really wanted to show off the city- not just the architecture, which is beautiful, the parts that are beautiful- but also just the attitude, um, Rosa’s a very New Yorkish character, and what Nishanthi says here is very very true, generally we don’t talk to our neighbors

I guess you can analyze it in many different ways, but um, if, if, you know, if you’re out there, on the other side of the world, you know, if you’re from Europe, Asia, you know, um, India, you know, Africa, wherever you might be, playing this game, if, if you got a little taste of what New York is like through this game, then, um, I was successful, I did what I really wanted to do.

No thinking required.
I know we :us: New Yorkers :us: don’t usually talk to our neighbors, but who cares?
The city can be a lonely place, especially when you live alone.
I’ve got Moti. Who do you have?

Oh god, an opportunity to show vulnerability. Uh… uhhh…

Oh, I’ve got three great room-mates.


Yes, um.
Their names are “me”, “myself” and “I”.

Um… It’s a joke.

Yeah, I get it. Very funny.
I’m sure you’re fine.
Although your episode in the park tells me otherwise.
And your eyes…
Well. Let’s just say the offer stands.

Commentary Classic- "The Rosa Smile"

That little cheesy grin is, perfect. PERFECT.

I got that from Ian one day, and I just started placing it everywhere I could, because it captures this perfect combination of, like, awkwardness, and confusion, and, like, trying to, I can’t quite explain it, it’s this, like, I don’t know how to react so I’m just gonna smile awkwardly at you, and I just, I like it, it just really works.
Joey has something really similar, this really charming cheesy grin that I just kinda snuck in wherever I could.

The beta testers actually, um, before I implemented Rosa’s smile, they would always remark on how Rosa seemed very cold and very harsh, then I would stick that little smile in there, and suddenly they would change their minds, so, uh, that’s the magic of smiling, people. It’s a lesson we all should adhere to.


You go home, now.
We’ll see each other soon, Rosangela, I’m sure.

I don’t think she was being truthful when she said I was funny.



You can call me “Rosa”, if you like.
Rosangela is kind of a mouthful, you know?

All right, Rosa.
You have a good day now.

Aw. That was genuinely sweet.
What a lovely old lady.

What a strange lady.

You little shit

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Good luck with this. I’ve played all of them and hated every single minute.

Content Warning!

This update contains:

Very frank discussion of suicide- the latter half of the update is entirely about how a character we’ve not met committed suicide,
Details on how a bunch of characters died in the past.

Day 1: Part 2

Welcome back! When we last left our hero, Rosangela, she’d just defeated Jim Burdo, the door man.

Along the way, she learned some history about her dead aunt, discovered that she might have a deadly case of “Joey-itis” in her future, and found a new friend in her neighbor, Nishanthi.

We now tune in to Rosangela’s house. Get used to seeing it.

Thank God. I’ve never been so happy to see a 500 square foot room in my life.

Commentary Classic- Creating Rosa's Apartment

This room, strangely enough, is one of the most frequently seen rooms in the game- but it was the last one drawn.
When Tom Scary, the backround artist, sent it to me, I was just like, “it’s pink”- and I have to admit, I had never really thought much about what Rosa’s apartment should look like.

I’d always kinda imagined it as being very bare, with lots of books, and not a lot of personality- and the fact that he made the walls so colorful, a lot more colorful than I imagined they should be- Well, I look at it now, and I kinda like it. I think that it’s very important to establish Rosa’s home as her sanctuary. It has to be comfortable, and it has to be a place you’d want to return to, otherwise she wouldn’t wanna be there all the time, and that kinda makes sense.

And the fact that it’s pink is kinda nice, cuz it gives Rosa a bit more of a feminine quality, which she didn’t really have before. She’s so standoffish that you don’t really get a sense of her personality most of the time, so it’s nice that she has this colorful apartment, that kinda shows a little bit more of her. I thought that it was very effective.

So, nice call, Tom Scary.

Commentary Classic- More on Rosa's Room

I guess I can talk a little bit more about the creation of this room.

I mentioned earlier that Tom Scary created this room, which isn’t entirely true- Chris Femo actually drew a lot of it as well. Tom Scary drew the basic outline- he did the walls, the kitchen the table, the shelf, the computer desk, and all that.
Then Chris Femo came along and, after Tom Scary became too busy to finish, he added so many extra details.

He kinda took what he knew about Rosa, and- he created that bulletin board for her newspaper clippings,
he put the teddy bear up there (which is a reference to one of my earlier games, I kinda wanted that there),
he added the bedroom, behind the door. He added the plants (which I totally wasn’t expecting, I never thought of rosa as a plant girl- so I included a message saying they were fake, that’s- that’s more of a Rosa thing.

He added all those books, he added the notebook there, he added the couch, and the table- the end table. So I had to redo all the walkable areas, so… Yeah, thanks Chris, haha.

He really helped make the room come alive, so… Good job, man.

Unlike the areas we’ve seen so far, Rosa’s house is lousy with stuff we can look at.

Like this photograph.

It’s a photograph of Auntie Lauren and me.

Commentary Classic- Eyal Jamer

Way back when I completed the freeware version of The Shivah, around the end of June 2006, it wasn’t long before I got an email from a guy named Eyal Jamer, this graphic artist. He asked me, he said “Hey, I like your work, and if you ever need artwork done, I’d be happy to help you out!”

And this is, I love getting letters like this! It’s always great when talented people want to help me cuz, my art, sucks! If anyone’s played my old freeware games where I’ve done the art, you’d know- my art sucks!

So EJ, I saw his work, and he did that- if you look at the Wadjet website, you can see that promotional picture for The Shivah, this beautiful picture of Rabbi Stone looking over the New York skyline.

This one, I believe.

He came onboard the Blackwell train when another artist who was originally gonna do these closeup pictures here, turned out to be too busy so he bailed. I sent a letter to EJ, and said- “Hey, could you do this? Could you help us out?” So he said, “Sure!”

I sent him Matt’s sketch, and within two days he had this done. It’s beautiful, I mean- look at this! It’s just amazing.

We’ll take another look at it, then!

This picture itself, I really wanted to-
You know, I don’t really mention it, and I hope you get it, cuz I kinda hammered this home a lot, is that Rosa earlier poured the ashes off of Brooklyn Bridge, and here’s a picture of her and her Aunt, on Brooklyn Bridge.

The only connection she has with her aunt is on this bridge, and so they return to the bridge many times, it’s sorta a reoccurring thing, because that’s the only memory Rosa has of her aunt.

So I hope you got that! I hope it wasn’t too subtle- or too obvious, for that matter. But anyway, Eyal Jamer- Awesome guy, amazing work, singlehandedly saved the project, he just did so many little things, he did the graphical interface, he did all the inventory items, he did the map screen… He did so many little details, that nobody else had time to do, and he just did such amazing stuff, so…

Thank you, Mr EJ, you did an awesome job.

You can also click on certain things in pictures.

Auntie Lauren. She took care of me after my parents died.
For most of my life, Auntie Lauren was a vegetable, slowly rotting away in a hospital bed.
I don’t remember what she was like before that. This picture is all I have to go by.

In case you didn’t read the commentary, and didn’t notice- cuz I didn’t first time through- this photo was taken on the Brooklyn Bridge, the same place Rosa scattered Auntie Lauren’s ashes. :c

It’s me. Hah, I look scared out of my mind…
I don’t remember when this picture was taken, but I look about four or five years old.

Nothing for it. Let’s look at everything!

I don’t need to touch it. I know these plants are fake.

That letter we got from Dr. Quentin was dated October 2006, meaning Rosa’s probably got Oblivion on this thing.
Hey, did you know Oblivion came out in 2006? Wild.


I am just feeling so uninspired today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel up to it. But today…?
It’s just not happening.


This kitchen is unnaturally clean.

Why bother, when every Chinese restaurant in the area delivers?

And that’d be why.

Commentary Classic- Yes, I stole this line

Yes, I totally ripped off this line, I’m an evil thief.

I remember a previous game of mine, called “Two of a kind”, where Timothy Walters goes into this other person’s kitchen, and says, you know, like “Why should I cook when every Chinese restaurant in town delivers?”
It’s a very New York thing to say, so it seemed appropriate to put it into this game.

I made sure I was covered- I asked myself permission, if it was OK if I copied from myself.
I thought about it, and I said, “Sure, OK”, but I wanted it in writing, so I drafted up a letter and I sent it to myself, and I signed it, and I signed it, and I filed it, and I gave a copy to myself, and I kept a copy for myself…
So I’m covered! I’m covered. Neither of us plans on suing the other, so I’m good.

Wow, maybe THIS is The Blackwell Legacy. It looks old as hell.

I don’t need to bother. I don’t get any reception, anyway.

Commentary Classic- TV Reception

One of the beta testers, seeing this for the first time, was like, “How come the TV doesn’t have any reception? I don’t see the point.”

This is kinda a New York thing, maybe outside of New York, you don’t get this, but I dunno- it seems like most of the people I know don’t watch a lot of TV, at least not the people I hang out with.

We like to watch movies- I know me personally, I have a TV, I have a nice TV. I get zero reception, but I have a DVD player, and I like to watch movies!.
And a lot of people I know seem to live the same way, so this kind of lifestyle isn’t that unusual.

Looks like it’s from Bellevue.

Commentary Classic- The Letters

When I created the original, freeware, Bestowers of Eternity in 2002, or 2003, people told me that the letters that Rosa reads were their favourite part of the game- in fact, they seemed to be “the thing” that made the game for them. I wonder if I hadn’t put those letters in there if people wouldn’t have liked it so much…

I hope that it’s just as effective in Blackwell Legacy, even though I kinda moved the focus away from Rosa and her family, to the case that Rosa’s working on. If only because the backstory is now so much bigger, and so much better, that it’s gonna take a while to get to it. So I kinda wanted to give you a little taste of the backstory now, and then in the future you’ll see more of it.

So hopefully you’re not kept in total suspense, but in the meantime this is a bit of Rosangela Blackwell backstory that you get.

Woof. OK, get ready for this goddamn, collossal dump of images. I’m gonna hide them, but they aren’t hidden for like, spoiler reasons, read them if you can.
I’ll also summarise the gist of the messages, in case you have trouble reading 25 goddamn handwritten jpgs,

Auntie Lauren's backstory and also some Blackwell family history

So, to summarise:

1960: Lauren moves away from her mother (Patricia), brother (Jack), and father (unnamed?), to attend college. From the letters here, there’s nothing to suggest anything unusual is happening.

1961: Patricia is beginning to worry Jack. She’s always looking over her shoulder, and she covers her ears to block out sounds nobody can hear- she insists that she’s feeling fine, however.

1962: Jack overhears Patricia talking to someone in an empty room- someone who she calls “Joey”. She refuses to talk about him.
Shorly thereafter, her condition takes a turn for the worse, and she’s committed to a mental ward after a mental breakdown that results in self harm.

1965: Lauren graduates summa cum laude, which I guess is good.

1967: Jack falls in love with a woman, Maria. He also mentions that he’ll “come by soon”, so I presume Lauren moved closer to her brother some time after graduating.

1970: Probably early in this year, Patricia passes away. According to Jack, after that happens, Lauren stops returning calls. She’s also changed her lock, apparently just to stop Jack using his spare key to get in so, wow, rude.
While standing outside her locked door with a christmas present, he overhears her talking to a “Joey”.

1971: Understandably freaked out, Jack hires a private detective to see what Lauren’s up to. Apparently she’s walking all over the city, talking with random strangers, doing some really weird inane nonsense. She’s also having fainting spells, though she just sorta picks herself up a few minutes later like it’s nbd.

1973: Lauren sends a letter to Jack, this time, and she asks him to stay away from her. She also says that she understands what her mother was going through, which, yeah Jack probably guessed as much.
Jack tells her to shove it and then angrily invites her to his upcoming wedding with Maria, and according to a followup letter, she DID attend.
Their father has passed away, by now.

1976: Maria gives birth! Jack dubs Lauren “Aunt Lauren”.

1981: This letter is from some law office, written by a John Durkin. Jack and Maria have both passed away, and Auntie Lauren now takes custody of her niece, Rosangela.

The game does a cutscene after you read all of that, but we have some photos to look at first.

This is Jack’s wedding, which Lauren, despite acting weird, did show up for.

The lady herself.

That’s definitely Auntie Lauren.
She’s looking at something off camera. I wonder what it was.

Maria’s going after her dude’s cake.

I assume that’s my mother.
She sorta looks like me, I guess. Other than that, she’s a total stranger.

I’m liking Daddy’s tux

Is that my… dad?
He looks so young! I always pictured my dad as being older.

You can’t select any of the people in this picture, but we’re looking at a young Lauren and Jack, and Grandma Patricia.

Anyway, back to the game. We just finished reading the letters.

:phone: Ring ring, It’s me, the phone, here to distract you from the horror story that is your family’s past.


:phone: RosANGela, hi.

Hi, Bob.

:phone: Thanks SO much for submitting your last review on time. For once.


:phone: I’ve got a LITTLE assignment for you today.


:phone: Human interest, Blackwell. Suicide. A college girl, named JoAnn Sherman.

That’s awful, but-

:phone: You know the Brittany house? The NYU dorm?

Yes, but-

:phone: Speak to some people on her floor. Get a word in with the roommate.


:phone: Speak to the R.A, too. And hey, see if you can score a picture of the girl.

But I don’t do that stuff! I write book reviews.

:phone: Versatility! Time to get out of your comfort zone.
Jeremy’s over at city hall covering that strike, so you are it. Get cracking.

I don’t want any book reviews- I want pictures of Jo-Ann!

I HATE him so much.
Is freelancing for that stupid paper even worth it? I guess it keeps me writing, but…
Oh, whatever. I’ll just go over there and get it done. It’s not like I don’t have enough death in my life right now.

What does that mean

Maybe this isn’t a bad thing. It’s like being a real reporter, sort of.
My old notepad should come in handy for this.

In other words, we have a new mechanic now!

Commentary Classic- Notebook Interface and Discworld Noir

All right~ New option~ On the menu~

Yeah, just got the notebook. One of the things people really seemed to like about The Shivah- they really praised me for being original- was the clues interface, where you’d use clues as inventory- and they praised how awesome and original it was.

I want to DENY this, because I feel that the credit should be given to Discworld Noir, the third game in the Discworld series, this beautiful noir adventure.
It actually inspired me to create mystery adventure games.
Discworld Noir had clues as inventory- they did it first, not me. So, I wanna give those guys credit- all that credit you guys are giving me, give it to Discworld Noir. They deserve it.

You learn key topics throughout the game, and many conversations basically come down to asking people about everything on the list.

You can also get Rosangela’s thoughts on how subjects might relate to each other, by clicking on two items on the list. Not everything works, mind.

All I know about JoAnn is that she was an NYU student who killed herself.

And with that…

Oh before we head out let’s take Nishanthi up on that offer and say hi.
Knock knock.

Come in!

Seems like it was only yesterday we saw you, Nishanthi.

Hello, Rosa.
Come in, come in!


Don’t mind the pooch. He’s harmless.

Let’s start this visit out strong

So. Um…
How are you?

Oh, I’m just fine.
Right, Moti? Aren’t we just fine?


This is a highly relatable conversation already.

Thanks again for helping me out earlier.
I’d probably be sleeping in a motel tonight if it weren’t for you.

Oh, didn’t you hear?
The strike’s over.


It only lasted a few hours, according to the report on the radio.

I suppose that’s irony.

I suppose so.

Commentary Classic- Nishanthi and the strike

I think this line might have been a little too subtle- there was a bit of subtext there andI’m not sure
if people got it.
Basically, if it wasn’t for the strike, Nishanthi and Rosa never would have met. So when Rosa gets all in a
huff about the strike being over so soon, Nishanthi’s a tiiny little bit insulted, even though- even though
she knows it’s totally unintentional, a totally innocent thing to say, she’s a little bit insulted.
But, it’s extremely subtle, and I’m not sure if anybody picked up on it or not, but… That’s what this
commentary is for!
So, lucky you.

You might remember that Nishanthi was playing the flute when we met her at Washington Square park earlier.

So you play the flute, huh?

Yes, I play the flute.
It’s called a bansuri. What about you? Do you play an instrument?

Me? No. I can hardly play the kazoo.

Let’s see.
You strike me as being creatively inclined.
Are you a painter? A writer?

Well, I’m TRYING to be a writer.

I knew it!

Commentary Classic- Giving subtext to Nishanthi

A problem with a lot of Nishanthi’s lines here, is that it’s just a lot of straight information giving without
a lot of character. When Ruth read the lines, we found it very difficult to give it… something.

So, we kinda talked about ways to give each line some subtext, and- I’m giving this information to you advance, so you’re ready- they’re about to talk about the newspaper that Rosa works for, and I told Ruth- “Hey, Nishanthi’s gonna say “Oh, I’ve never actually read it, but maybe I will!””
Then I said, “You know what, you actually HAVE read these newspapers, and you use them to housetrain your dog, so, you feel guilty about it”

And so that’s how she read the line, and… You know, it’s not something that anybody would get, there’s no way you would get that, but…
You’ll definitely notice that there’s a little more character to the line than there would have been otherwise- a little trick to make the lines sound a little more interesting.

This is another one of those, “You’ll just have to take his word for it” examples, I’m afraid.

Anything published?

Nothing really. Aside from book reviews in the Village Eye.

Village Eye? You mean that little paper they sell at the stand?

You’ve read it?

I’ve seen it around, but I’ve never actually read it.
Perhaps I will, the next time I see it.

Woof they just keep adding new options to this list, huh

That dog is adorable.

Moti? He’s spoiled rotten, but he’s good company.
He’s taken quite a shine to YOU, that’s for sure.

Heh. Yeah.
Usually I’m not good with animals.

You never had a childhood pet?

A pet? No, I… had a teddy bear.

Commentary Classic- More about Nishanthi

There’s a game called “The Longest Journey”, which is critically acclaimed- a great game, you should all play it- one common complain- a complaint I have- is that you could spend HOURS talking to the peripheral characters, and…
It’s not so much that there’s a lot of dialogue, nothing wrong with a lot of dialogue, it’s just- the dialogue itself, you could spend an hour talking to the main characters, like April’s landlady, and learn that landlady’s life story. You then never see the landlady again, none of that information moves the story along.

I found myself doing the same thing with Nishanthi here, it was very tempting to delve into Nishanthi’s life story, to learn everything about her.
I held myself back, but what I decided to do instead, to kinda justify long dialogues with Nishanthi, cuz she’s such a cool character, was to spin everyhting you ask Nishanthi into learning something about Roseangela.

You’ll see in this dialogue how we’re talking about Nishanthi’s pet, and then she asks Rosa whether she has had any pets, and you learn that Rosa didn’t, but she grew up with a teddy bear. So in learning about Nishanthi, it actually moves the story along- a bit- because you learn more about Rosa.

Hah. Well, you probably had the right idea.
Moti’s a little thing, but you wouldn’t know it from the amount he eats.

He’s very… active, it seems.

Yes, that probably explains it.
See that box of biscuits? I buy a new one every two days.
Moti doesn’t have a stomach. He has a black hole that sucks in food. Feel free to give him one, if you like.


Could I try feeding the dog?

Sure! Here, take one. I have plenty.
Go ahead and feed him. He’s always hungry.

Come here, boy!

! I will greet him.

Hi, um… Dog?

His name is MOTI.

Right. Moti.

This is what you sickos are here for.

Good as hell dog.

Um, what do I do now?

Just say “Go get it!”
He’ll do the rest.

Go get it!

Faith In Humanity Restored: Dog Takes Infinite Biscuits From Miserable Woman

Cooper and Moti

I mentioned earlier that I’d looked after a dog, a friend’s dog, for a week, the dog I took to Washington Square park.
That dog was a Boston terrier, named Cooper,. His owner’s name was Sarah.
I based Nishanthi’s relationship with Moti- which means “Pearl” in Hindi, by the way- I based that relationship on Sarah’s relationship with Cooper.

I love Boston terriers! Ever since I looked after Cooper I’ve just become obsessed with those little squishy nosed guys.

And every trick Moti does here, Copper does the exact same thing. The whole “Go get it” thing? Sarah did the exact same thing. She’d hold up a treat, the dog would beg, and Sarah would say “Go get it!”, and the dog would just snap the treat right out of her hands. I totally based that off Cooper.

Man, People love their dogs! I happen to be allergic, so I can’t own a dog permanently- but that’s alright. Allergies can’t stop me putting a dog in a game, so I can live vicariously though my games, and have a dog that way.
Not quite the real thing, but probably the closest I’m gonna get.

Alright, back to work.

You have a very nice apartment.

Thank you!
A bit small, but that’s New York for you.

Rosa has met none of them.

You seem very… friendly… with the people in this building.

Well, I didn’t grow up here.
I didn’t realise it was taboo to chat with neighbors.

It’s not taboo, exactly. It’s just…

Oh, I know. It’s just one of those unspoken things.
I’ve found that most people are pretty friendly though, once you take the first step.
People have their defenses up, most of the time. You know what I’m talking about?

Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Honestly I’ve gotta say this scene is trying to make Rosa seem awkward but Nishanthi is being a really bad host.
We’ve been talking for like ten minutes and we’re both still standing?

Why do you play the flute in the park?

It’s a place to go, I suppose.
I was walking there one day, and I had the bansuri with me, so I started playing.
Next thing I knew I had a bunch of people around me- so I go there as often as I can, now.
It gets me out of this stuffy apartment, and I admit I like the attention.
Plus Moti loves the dog run there. Well, he did until they closed it down.

Oh hey yeah the dog place was closed, let’s investigate:

Why did they close down the dog run?
It seemed OK to me.

Nobody really knows. It started about a week ago.
Dogs started howling, running around like maniacs, acting strange.
Some even hurled themselves at the fence door, trying to get out.
They SAY it’s some kind of high frequency wave that’s caused by electric cables, or something.
Some high pitched sound that the dogs can hear, but we can’t.
But I know better.

Oh god, Nishanthi, please.

You… know better?

I notice these things. I could tell that things weren’t quite right. Something… in the air.

They’re putting chemicals in the air that’s turnin our dogs into cowards

It’s not a high-pitched noise. That would only cause a dog pain.
This was more than pain. The dogs were… scared.

What was there to be scared of?

I have no idea.
But I know what I sensed. Just like you did.


You sensed it. Don’t think I didn’t notice.

I didn’t sense anything.

Well, perhaps.
Maybe I’m just spouting nonsense.

(Hissing through teeth) Ah look, sorry, look at the time, I gotta- I gotta go…

Well, I’d better go.

Take care, Rosa.
Come back whenever you’d like.

I’ll just, let myself out I guess.

That was a nice visit. Got a bit weird at the end there.

Anyway, we’ve got a job to do. Time to investigate a suicide, by pestering traumatised college kids.

Rosa’s getting quite the workout today.

Ah, to be in college again.
I never, attended, myself, but I’m sure someone relates.

Update: Rosa still has a headache.

I feel like hell and I have to interview college kids.
Hopefully this won’t take too long.

Classic Commentary- Peter Gresser

Peter Gresser did the music for this game- figured it was a good time to talk about him, because this is my favourite tune in the whole game, This crazy electronica stuff.

I debated whether or not I should link to youtube videos of the game’s OST, and decided against it- there’s no official uploads, and it’d feel gross to share unofficial uploads.

He did the music for The Shivah, and I think he really went all out with this game, he really kinda made the music more unified, and it’s… really cool.
It’s this kind of very mystical, electronica soundtrack, which I wasn’t expecing- I was not expecting this electrical synth stuff.

I think it kinda works, because it does kinda give you that feeling of uneasiness, like something is kinda not right, which I kinda dug.
Peter is a great musician, you should check out his myspace page, I linked to it on the wadjet website.

We both know I can’t show you this dude’s myspace any more. I also can’t find any reference to peter on the Wadjeteye site.

But yeah, Petter Gresser, he’s really good, you should… Check him out.

Let’s talk to the R.A, first.
Knock knock.

Well, hello.


You come here often?

Hi. I’m Rosangela Blackwell.

Can I help you?

Perhaps. Could I ask you a few questions?

Oh. This is about JoAnn, isn’t it?

You know her?

Well, I am the R.A for this floor.
I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t know everybody.
The campus police found her about 5am this morning.

Can you tell me about her?

Hmm. Well, alright.
But could you leave my name out of it?

That’s kinda weird but alright

That shouldn’t be a problem.

Good. JoAnn’s parents have already asked the Dean to fire me.
I don’t need anyone else knowing who I am.
What do you want to know?

This is the main way you use the topics in the notepad. They just replace normal dialogue options sometimes. New topics are added basically every time you talk to someone.

Could you tell me about JoAnn again?

Well, as I said. I didn’t know her socially, but she seemed nice enough.
Nobody ever complained about her. She always had friends around her. She never had any trouble, as far as I know. Her… suicide… came as a total surprise.

Speaking of:

Can you tell me anything about JoAnn?

That’s almost word for word what you asked before, Rosa.

She jumped off the roof.
She died instantly. It was the middle of the night. There was…
There was no way anybody could have stopped her.
Makre sure you print that.

This guy’s all about covering his own ass, huh

Would you have a picture of JoAnn?

A picture? No, why would I?

Just asking.

God, he’s giving us very little to work with.
Screw it, tell me about yourself, stud.

So how did you get to be the R.A of this floor?

What do you mean?

Well, it’s a girl’s floor, and you, well…



Well, it’s like this:
Someone at the registrar thought “Adrian” was a girl’s name. So here I am.

None of the girls have complained?

Not yet. They seem to prefer it.
This sort of thing happens quite frequently. You’d be surprised.

I see the cis are still up to their tricks.

Well, that’s all for now.
Thanks for helping out.

Just remember to leave my name out of it.

Well, that lead absolutely nowhere. Guess we have to talk to at least one other person before we can leave.

What have we here?

I’m not stealing stuff from college kids.


Knock knock.

Most of these doors don’t open.

There’s nobody home.

Knock knock.

Oh thank god someone cool.


Classic Commentary- Investigative Shift!

I admit that this section I was a little worried about.

You’re suddenly told, by a character you’ve never heard of, to go to a location you’ve never been to, and talk to characters you’ve never heard of about the death of another character you’ve never heard of.

I was worried it was very sudden, and very jarring, to suddenly shift gears entirely. Whenever it was beta tested, whenever I gave this to a new beta tester, the first thing I would ask when they got this far was, “Did this seem strange? Did this seem jarring?”

And no one seemed to mind. No one said anything. So I kinda took a step back, and said "Well, OK, I guess it’s fine- if these guys, these very strict, anal beta testers- believe me, these guys are PICKY- if they didn’t say anything, then I’d like to think it’s OK.

I wanna join your band

Hi, I’m Rosangela Blackwell.

Am I supposed to know you?

No, I’m with the Village Eye.

The Village What?

The Village Eye. The newspaper.

I’ve never heard of it.

Times are tough for print media, I guess.

It’s just a small paper.

Yeah, I guessed that.
What do you want?

I’d like to talk to you about your room-mate, if that’s all right?

Jesus Christ.
I’m busy with midterms. I told the campus police everything. Do you have to bother me?


So she killed herself. Big whoop.
Why is that my problem?

Coming up against some serious 'tude here.

I understand that this must be a difficult time for you.

Difficult? Hell no. It’s been great.
You know how long I’ve been wanting my own room?

Jesus. I’m putting that quote in the article.

Why don’t you elaborate on that statement? Oh, don’t worry, I’m not a cop.

You don’t care? Not even a little bit?

No. I don’t. Why the hell should I?
And for that matter, why should you?

I’ll have you know that I take my job of pestering you VERY seriously.

Will you please calm down?

Calm DOWN?
Who the hell do you think you are?

Me? I’m the lady who’s about to cut you a deal.

Look, just tell me a little bit about JoAnn and I’ll leave.

…That deal is, “Do what I wanted originally and I’ll stop bothering you.”

You want to know about JoAnn?
She’s DEAD. She couldn’t take the pressure, so she jumped off the roof.

Did JoAnn act… unusual before she died?

Nope. Same ol’ JoAnn.
Studied at her desk all day and slept all night, as usual.
Quiet as a little mouse.

Oh boy, we’ve got some options. Not every option leads to a meaningful response, though.

Do you have any thoughts on why JoAnn would kill herself?

Nope. Just another kid who couldn’t hack it.

Just gimme a photo and we can get outta here.

Do you have a photograph of JoAnn that we could use for the newspaper?

You want a what?

Just a photograph.
You’ll get it right back.

Yeah right. You think I’m giving you anything?
Think again.

Come on kid there’s two people on this floor if neither of you give me a photo I’m gonna get fired

Can you tell me anything about Adrian?

The R.A? He’s OK.
He helps us when we need it, and keeps out of our way when we don’t. That’s the way it should be.

Sounds fake and suspicious. This is a college.

JoAnn never had trouble sleeping?

How would I know?

You lived with her.

Like I pay attention.

Well, this went nowhere. Kelly seems a little unwilling to share with the pushy reporter from the newspaper she’s never heard of.

Thanks for helping out.

Yeah sure, whatever.

That said, we have some new topics now, so let’s check back in on Adrian.
Knock knock.


Hi. It’s me again.

You have more questions, I imagine?

Yeah. Is that OK?

I suppose so. What do you want to know?

That Kelly, huh? Real piece a work.

What can you tell me about JoAnn’s room-mate?

Kelly? Have you met her?


Quite a sight, huh?
But don’t judge her by that, she’s the sharpest kid you’ll ever meet.
She gets straight As on everything.


Yep. She’s pre-med.

Tell me about her sleeping habits.

Do you know if JoAnn had any trouble sleeping?

I’m afraid I wouldn’t.
Her room-mate, Kelly, never complained, but that’s not surprising.

Why is that?

Well, Kelly rarely spent the night in her room.
She only comes here to study, as far as I’ve seen.

They’ve got libraries, Kelly

Do you know where Kelly was sleeping?

No. It’s not my place to ask.

Well, we’ve learned something new. Let’s ask Kelly about where she sleeps, I guess. Something seems…

Knock knock


So, you’ve been sleeping somewhere else lately?

Yeah, I’ve been at my boyfriend’s.
You’ve been following me or something?

No. No.
Just confirming the information.

Looks like Adrian’s been talking.

Sorry, Adrian. Snitches get stitches.
But now what? We’re out of clues.

We combine two facts, and arrive at a contradiction.

Waaait a minute.
Something isn’t right. If Kelly’s been spending her nights somewhere else…
How can she know if her room-mate was sleeping well or not? Hm.
I think Kelly was lying to me.

Oh you are gonna get it you brat
Knock. Knock.


Do you think Kelly would lie to me?

I’ve got no idea.
Why don’t you ask her?


Knock knock

Kelly, do you think Kelly would lie to me?

Your R.A told me that you haven’t been sleeping in your dorm.

Yeah, so?

You told me that JoAnn slept in her room every night.


How would you know JoAnn slept here if you’ve been sleeping somewhere else?

Oh! Well, I just assumed…

Did you lie to me?

I didn’t lie! I just…
Oh, screw it. You wanna talk? Fine. What do you want to know?

Kelly honestly you’re allowed to lie to me, I’m way out of line here.
But so long as you’re being co-operative…

So what was JoAnn really like?

To be honest, there’s nothing to say.
She was studying political science, which is kind of cool, I guess.
But she was just so… vanilla.


Ah yeah it means she hasn’t got any mods.

You know, sweet, but not much there?
Just a typical college kid. Acted just like everybody else. She seemed proud of it.

Alright, now we’re getting somewhere. Getting some actual answers.

Did JoAnn act… Unusual, before she died?

Well, no.
Although the last few weeks she’s been talking in her sleep.

What did she say?

No idea, couldn’t understand her.
She swore up and down that she wasn’t doing it. She looked a bit scared, though.

Scared? How so?

Just scared.
I didn’t need the drama, so I’ve been sleeping at my boyfriend’s place.

So you weren’t here when she…

Killed herself? No, I wasn’t here.
N-not that it would have made much of a difference.
Are we done?

Almost, just gimme that picture and I’m outta here.

I could really use a photo of JoAnn, if you have one.

Hm. Alright.
This was hers. It was on her desk. She won’t be needing it anymore.
JoAnn is the girl on the left.

Classic Commentary- Kelly's Brooklyn Accent

You might have heard me earlier, saying that I don’t like accents- rather, I prefer not to work with them- but the girl playing Kelly here, her name is Chen-Yung Hsu, she’s a really versatile actress.

I originally had her in mind for the role of Alli, the sad lonely ghost you’ll see later on- I hope you’ve played through the game already, that’s not the only thing I’m gonna be giving away- But I said to Chen, I said “Hey, you’re perfect for Alli, I know you can do that, but”- it’s such a small role, and I felt it was wasting her. So I said “Hey, how do you feel about doing two characters?”

And I gave her the script for Alli, and she read it and, kinda as a joke at once point she read it in this tough Brooklyn queens accent, and I said “Hey, that’s awesome! Let’s do it that way!”
Because I figured, with the accent, it would really differentiate between the two roles.

And admittedly, my experience with accents has not been great, as I said earlier, people tend to focus more on getting the accent right then acting, and I had the same problem here.
It’s not fault of Chen’s, she originally did not wanna do the accent, she was trying to go for this kinda goth girl thing, but I’m like, “No, do the accent”. I really wanted the two characters to sound different.
I suggested that she did the accent, but not put too much effort into it. Just kinda make it there, don’t worry about being authentic, just kinda let it come but speak naturally.

I think she did a good job, and I put the two voices together as a test, and they sound pretty different, and the characters are so different that I don’t think people- beta testers didn’t seem to to mind, so I think it worked.
So yeah, if anyone needs a lady voice actress, get in touch with me, I’ll get you in touch with Chen, because she’s awesome.

Thanks for helping out.

Yeah sure, whatever.

We did it. Journalism is easy.

Rosa says the same thing for the girl in the middle as well.

I assume that this is a friend of JoAnn’s, but I have no idea who she is.

There she is. Wait, are we just gonna publish this whole picture? I feel like we need to ask for permission or something first.

According to Kelly, this girl on the left is JoAnn.

A final urf for the road.

This is getting worse. At least I have enough for the story, now. I’d better get home.

Not 100% sure why the school icon is gone but the hospital is still there.


This is… getting bad.

Take some panadol and go to bed

Oh. My. God.
This really hurts.
Sleep, that’s all I need. I’ll just type up this story and get to bed. Shouldn’t take that long.

Let’s do some work.

Right. No more interruptions.

(Fade to black)

Article’s finished. Picture’s scanned. And I am DONE for the day.

Watching a person have a severe headache is giving me a severe headache honestly.

No! What’s…?

Oh? What’s goin on with that photo?

Headache continues.

This scene is a pain so far.

What… is… happening?

Will this ever end?

It’s gone.
The pain. It’s gone!
That was strange. it was like…

Dang picture’s glowin again.

What… is… that…?

Of course, we remember this picture. What’s wrong with it?

The photo… Something is different about it.
I almost don’t want to look, but…


No. No. No!
I did not just see that. I am not going crazy. No, it’s just the stess, that’s all.
Auntie’s death, work, life- I just need a rest. That’s all.






Why do they always do that?