Issues with Imgur (SOLVED)

I’m using Imgur to host the GIFs and images for my Let’s Play. The GIFs come through fine, but for some reason the top and bottom of the images are cut off. I thought that maybe they were too big, but when I made the images smaller I still had the same issue. Is there any way to fix this?

Here is my thread so people can see the problem.

This was fixed in the thread; I needed to link to the image itself, not just the imgur page. Adding “.png” to the end of the links fixed it.

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I noticed this in the thread while testing a fix, and I took a little closer of a look at it. Turns out that when you link to a Imgur page, it links to a Facebook optimised image, which happens to crop out the top and bottom of an image like this:

whereas the image that was actually uploaded looks like this:

So if you’re having trouble with your images on Imgur cropping themselves, make sure that you are linking to the file directly!