Image Uploads are Broken on my Finished LP


I went to check my let’s play of LIVE-A-LIVE because some of my friends wanted to read it, and I noticed that the images I uploaded are gone. I used them to denote which character was speaking, and the LP is a lot harder to read without them.

I’ll use this post as an example. There is a point early on where I used a picture of the protagonist followed by a colon to indicate that he is speaking. However, it is now just a colon and a broken image link.

Is there anyway to restore them on the site’s end? And if there’s not, is there a way to give me an unlimited amount of edits for a few days so I can fix this myself over the weekend, instead of over several weeks?


I’ve figured out what’s happened; I used Word to edit the posts, and the " symbol is different in Word than it is on the forums. I can fix this on my own, but I would like to have more edits per day so I can do it faster.

And I didn’t think to put this on my last post, but @moderators: please consider my request for more edits, if that’s possible.


Tip for future reference: look up how to disable smart quotes in Word. They look nicer than straight quotes, but the fact that they use a different character makes them a pain when working things that use quotation marks as syntax. So of course, it’s on by default.


I upped the allowed number of edits per user per day. Lemme know if it’s not enough.


It was enough! Thanks so much; I’m glad to have this behind me!