I'm Samuel K and I Do Art For Fun and Money



Hello my name is Samuel K and I like to draw… Here’s a bunch of stuff I drew for various reasons.

Sometimes I do weird, fucked up fan art.

A Star War

Nickeloden’s Doug

The Adventure Zone

Jojo’s Wacky Anime Show

I also draw me and my friends and my awful dog that I hate.

I also draw my own original characters.

I’m Also Learning Pixel Art

You can pay me to do artwork and character design for you. I’m currently working for Smarter Games because they’re a good company who makes video games who asked me “Hey. You like to draw. Draw some stuff for our video game!” and I said “Yeah sure.”

I donated artwork to 50 Ducks in a Hot Tub as a t-shirt design. Matt is a saint of a man. He raises free range ducks and grows his own vegetables to feed himself and donates everything he doesn’t need to homeless shelters and food banks. He’s a stand-up dude, and I’m proud to be involved in what he’s doing.

I’m going to post the drawings and art and stuff I do here.


I’ve been goofing around with lowpoly lately.


I’m still learning, but I’m moving right along.


Just a pic of me and my friend Eric I did super tiny. Eric is just under 200 pixels tall. Here it is real size.

UPDATE: My whole LP crew