I'm INSIDE The Game - Let's Play JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User

My first experience to JoJo was, along with a subset of other people, the Sega Dreamcast port of the Capcom arcade fighter. It was wonderful. But I didn’t really know what it was at all. I let it go.

But if it truly loves you… It will come back.

Like a lot of other people I mainly got into JoJo with the new 2012 anime, specifically through CrunchyRoll. From there I ended up reading ahead, and I have now gratefully consumed up to the current point. I love everything about it, and you should too. That’s why I’m playing a fangame!

So what is JJBA: The 7th Stand User?
I’ve always had a soft spot for fangames, though I don’t play nearly as many as I read about. I think that kind of passion is the coolest. Not many get finished though, so it’s always a special thing when a fangame gets a full release.

It was made in RPG Maker 2000, and has a distinctive Game Boy-esque black and white style.

The same team are currently working on a similar fangame for Diamond is Unbreakable called Fate is Unbreakable - check them out here: http://7su2.tumblr.com/

7th Stand User retells the story of Stardust Crusaders, with some of its own twists and addition (both original and as references to JoJo’s other parts), but most importantly inserts YOU into the story. Your stand is the result of a personality test, and are all original creations. It’s pretty complicated and there are a tonne of options, but you can read about them all here: http://7thjojo.wikia.com/wiki/Personality_Evaluation It’d be great to know what readers got as their own stands – we’ll be playing through with Adam Ant.

What’ll the LP be like?
This playthrough is blind, but I’ll be using my knowledge of JoJo to make my own observations, as well as using a guide periodically for myself to try and make sure I don’t miss any of the game’s optional bosses.

We’re already 10 updates in at the time of porting to the LP Zone. I’ll be updating pretty regularly. I’ll try to make at least once or twice a week, but that may need to drop down from time to time if I get especially busy with life (c’est la vie).

For my own commentary I’ll try to avoid going into spoilers ahead of Stardust Crusaders, but there are some references for future parts that come up that I have to comment on. I’ll try not to really ever go into a tonne of detail or anything, though.

As for you guys, feel free to post JoJo spoilers and stuff as long as they are spoiler tagged! Also, as the game is a free fangame, feel free to play along and give your own thoughts on the game – that’d be really interesting to hear!

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Aww man I was actually working on my own playthrough to post here but it’s neat that someone else had the same idea because 7th Stand User is a great and surprisingly ambitious fangame. I know that besides the DIU sequel there’s also a weird Diavolo game out there but I have no clue as to what that’s like.

I wound up with Wildhearts as my stand during both of my playthroughs. The… furry stand. Speaking of which! I’m actually very pleased with their original stand users too. A lot of them fit the SDC vibe even tho the art imitates more of his DIU era stuff I feel.

Ah, feel free to post videos here if you want! Would be cool to see some Wildhearts. I like how each starting Stand can be wildly different and affect the way you play.

Wasn’t aware of the Diavolo game but I’ve taken a look. Found a linked forum thread but I can’t speak for the legitimacy of the files http://ls57tiger.freepgs.com/jojo/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=4263 If I can get it working some time maybe I’ll post a side video.

Diavolo No Daibouken (Diavolo’s Big Adventure?) is a fan-made Jojo rogue-like where you play as Diavolo. It takes place after Golden Wind when Diavolo is continuously dying.

  • You explore dungeons as Diavolo and fight characters from each part, whilst collecting Pucci’s Stand(Yellow and Red) and Memory disks(Silver).
  • Memory disks create effects (Petshop’s disk makes you fly to another part of the map.)
  • And Stand disks give you that stand when you equip them.
  • There’s 4 slots for Stands. Attack, Defense, and Ability which pertain to the yellow disks and the projectile slot which is for red disks. You can power up disks by reading Jojo volumes(you find them around) where the Stand appears in. Magician’s Red can only be powered by part 3 volumes, while Star Platinum can be powered by 3, 4, and 6.
  • You heal by eating frogs(HOHOHO) and heal your stamina, which is depleted as you walk around, by eating pizza or other items. (Normally Tonio food)

Ain’t nothing wrong with the furry dick convention.

I think for my first go through the game I got Miracles, but I reset and wound up getting The Joykiller instead. I enjoy being the big ol’ axeboy. Even if it was borderline useless at any range beyond short.

Here’s another update! A fairly short one as we meet a recurring boss character.

#11 - Utah Strikes Back

I really love the game’s focus on bosses and all of these optional little bosses. Obviously it’s very JoJo to work like that.

It’s kind of crazy how you could theoretically just walk through the game and miss some of these great bosses though. One thing I’m never sure about with fangames like this and less heard of RPGs are how the game expects you to scale. Seems okay so far.

The next update will hopefully cover the next couple of bosses (or I may do two shorter videos). There’s a lot to enjoy with both of them for JoJo fans! I’ve recorded these and just need to get the edit together right so these shouldn’t take too long!

Here’s another update! Decided to do both optional bosses at the Harbour in one video.

[#12 - A Face From the Past] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaTtoSEuphg)

Again, more references to other JoJo parts. I especially love how this can turn out differently depending on who is in your party. Have to wonder how I’d do it without him though, as he was seriously tough. Or maybe I’m underlevelled? It’s always kind of hard to tell how scaling works in fangames like this.