If time is an egg, then that egg is fucked: Let's Play Quantum Break



Jack encounters Monarch troops that can move during a time stutter, and that have abilities similar to his own. He then enters the epicentre of Ground Zero: Will’s old workshop.

Narrative Objects for the second half of Act 2 Part 2

Jack’s status as a living chronon generator allows him to use any weapon during a time stutter, but Monarch Striker units do not have that same ability. Therefore Monarch developed this ‘stutterproof’ weapon. The Tactical SMG is a precision weapon that fires accurate 3-round bursts, and it does not kick up as you fire. (Unlike the Burst Fire Pistol, which has quite a bit of kick with every burst.) Holding the trigger down will continuously fire 3-round bursts one after another, with a negligible reduction in accuracy. Its bullets are similar in power to the standard SMG, but the brief delay between bursts means that the Tactical SMG’s rate-of-fire is effectively far slower, causing it to have a rather low damage-per-second. Therefore the Tactical SMG can best be summed up as ‘precise but weak’. It also has a small magazine size of 24 bullets (enough for 8 bursts), and Jack can only carry a total of 96 bullets.

The main body of the Tactical SMG is based on the real-life Kriss Vector submachine gun, but with the addition of a special attachment that extends a Striker’s personal chronon field around the gun. Concept art shows more intricate designs for the stutterproof weapon modification, but in the actual game the electronic devices have been hidden away inside a plastic casing, with only a chronon radiation warning symbol hinting at its function. Curiously, Technicians are able to fire Burst Fire Pistols during stutters, despite the Burst Fire Pistol not having any similar stutterproofing attachment. (Perhaps pistols are small enough to be enveloped by the personal chronon field without any modifications.)

The first type of ‘stutterproof’ enemy encountered in the game. Stutterproof troops are equipped with a ‘chronon harness’ on their back that generates an artificial chronon particle field, allowing them remain active during a time stutter. This also makes them immune to Time Stop, in fact their stutterproofing will immediately collapse Time Stop bubbles. Although the chronon field is the source of their abilities, it is also their Achilles Heel. Enemies equipped with chronon technology freeze in stutters when the device on their back is destroyed. This may actually be a non-lethal option, as destroying a trooper’s chronon harness should leave him alive and well once the stutter collapses, assuming he isn’t killed by the device exploding. Destroying 15 chronon harnesses gets you the ‘Break All Their Toys’ achievement.

Strikers are Monarch’s elite chronon tech units. They are armed with Tactical SMGs and wear white hazmat suits that protect against chronon radiation. Their suits and helmets are also armoured for combat operations, making them almost twice as resilient as a SWAT Trooper. As an added extra, Strikers can rush across the battlefield in the blink of an eye. They move too fast to see but leave streaks of orange energy in their wake, similar to Star Trek ‘warp trails’, or the yellow lightning left by The Flash.

This ability is made possible by four bulky ‘prongs’ that surround the central core of a Striker’s chronon harness. These are additional field projection units that allow the Striker to manipulate his relationship to his personal Meyer-Joyce envelope, giving him the ability to cross short distances in quick bursts. A Striker’s belt includes a number of devices such as a processor and battery for controlling and powering the chronon technology. Similar to Jack’s own Time Dodge and Time Rush powers, a Striker’s superspeed even works during a stutter, as the Striker can fold deeper into the stutter and briefly inhabit a smaller subdividing moment within a larger one.

Strikers cannot fire their weapons while they are zipping around the place, so they have to return to normal time to shoot. However if you stay in one spot for too long they may try to Time Rush into you and perform a melee attack. Fortunately it is easy to avoid this attack, simply by moving while the Striker is warping towards you, and even if it does connect it does not do a significant amount of damage.

It takes ten shots from a Pistol or Assault Rifle to defeat a Striker’s body armour, and Strikers will often use their ability to warp away the moment they start taking damage, making weaker rapid-fire weapons pretty ineffective. While headshots are more effective, it can takes 3 or 4 headshots to kill a Striker with most weapons. Strikers do have a special vulnerability to shotguns, however; a single close-range blast to the chest can kill a Striker, even though the total damage from 8 shotgun pellets should not sufficient. Also, the chronon harness on a Striker’s back is not well-armoured. Shooting it doesn’t do as much damage as a headshot, but it is more effective than a body shot, and the bulky chronon field projectors are quite a large target. A powerful weapon such as the Carbine Rifle can pierce a Striker’s helmet or destroy his chronon tech with one carefully-placed shot.

According to an email from Martin Hatch to Clarice Ogawa, the men chosen to become Strikers need to meet strict physical requirements, have ‘a certain moral flexibility’, and ‘the kind of killer instinct you have to be born with, cultivated to a fine degree’. They also need to have the intelligence and skills to handle the complex technical aspects of operating the technology.

Monarch operatives wearing yellow environment suits to protect against radiation exposure when working on Monarch’s chronon technology. The chronon harness on the back of the suit allows them to stay active during a stutter, or to operate in an area with time anomalies such as Ground Zero. It does not grant them any other special abilities, however, as it lacks a Striker suit’s additional field projectors. A Technician’s hazmat suit is not armoured, so they have the same health as Light Troopers and can be killed by just 3 Pistol or Assault Rifle bullets, or 4 SMG shots. Headshots are instantly fatal. They also have an additional weakness on their back, as a Technician can be frozen in a time stutter by destroying his fragile chronon harness.

Technicians are armed with Burst Fire Pistols, which are not particularly dangerous. Of more significance, however, is that they carry chronon grenades that will temporarily cancel Jack’s powers. These ‘portable chronon suppression devices’ drain your energy and completely empty the meters for all time powers. Getting caught in the blast of one of these grenades while fighting with a large group of enemies can be disastrous.


So the time egg is now cracking and resealing it self for only another crack to appear. Yay for butchered metaphors.


October 9th, 2016, 8:13am
Jack and Beth Wilder arrive at the Bradbury Swimming Hall, where William has hidden something important.

Narrative Objects for Act 2 Part 3


So it definitely feels like we’re going to be doing some other time travel. I remember when we first met up with Beth it seemed like she had met us before. And now it’s clear that Will had met her before. My big guess is that the countermeasure is actually stolen by Beth herself. But she just hasn’t done it yet in her perception of time.


I sure hope they turned off that artificial black hole before they left.


October 9th, 2016, 6:19am
In an alternate timeline, Paul chooses the Hardline approach.

This bonus video shows the results of choosing the Hardline path at the end of Act 1, which includes the Iron Fist achievement, changes to the first live-action episode, 2 new audio diaries, and many changes to the gameplay and narrative, including a different companion character and different narrative objects.

Narrative Objects for Act 2 (Alternate Timeline)

October 9th, 2016, 9:35am
Faced with Jack’s surrender, Serene has to choose whether to focus on his friendship with Jack, or his plans for Monarch.

Narrative Objects for Junction 2


Just to let you know, the i for the mobile app version isn’t showing.

My vote would be Business. To quote Spock, “the needs of the many outway the needs of the few”. Time is ending; that’s a fact nd it seems to be unstoppable. Paul knows this and if the human race is to survive in any way the Plan needs to go thru. One man, even a friend like Jack, is not worth the alternative. Sacrifices must be made.

Hope you have a good Winter Holiday , MET.


I feel like Paul should have more faith in Jack though. They are both capable of manipulating time. They are both the cause of all of this. If anyone could somehow put a stop to it, them working together would be the way.


@Warmal I wouldn’t say Jack’s a cause so much as a perpetuator. An unfortunate one at that.

Although I agree with you on the teamwork thing. There powers seem almost complementary. Paul uses his abilities to forsee the future(passive) while Jack’s are more cause the future (active).

Speculation time
I do believe the personality of the chronon-affected affects what kind of powers they get. Jack from what we’ve seen is a ‘gung-ho’, make things happen to the point of sabotaging his own plans protagonist, and seems to be someone you don’t want to get angry- even before the fratricide happened. His powers reflect that: knocking people over, getting in close to take the advantage, stopping time to pile on the damage. How powers could change over time has yet to be seen; it may be that if a person mellows out then powers similiar to Paul (foresight) appear and vice versa, or perhaps the circumstances predict the powers. After all, Jack got his in what was basically an active battlezone.


Oops, I did something wrong there. Fixed it, try again and see if the i symbol/poll card pops up now!


This was a hard one to pick between. On the one hand Paul and Hatch have spent a large amount of time, resources, and energy of all sorts prepping to get people to survive this catastrophe. Paul seems like the one where’d he really order the execution of his old friend, even though he’d never pull the trigger himself. The other side of it is, he really has trouble with the killing of Will and others. Most of his arguments in the more hard-line route seem like he’s trying to console himself. Trying to convince Jack to join him, is another chance to try to prove to both himself and everyone else that he’s doing the right thing.


Thanks for voting everyone! Here are the results:
Personal: 59% (33)
Business: 41% (23)
Total responses: 56

I’ve now just discovered that I forgot to post the link to Part 12 - the second Junction Point video (with the poll) - here in the forum thread! I guess you were all subscribed to me on YouTube, heh. Since you were all discussing your voting decisions here I didn’t realise I hadn’t actually provided the link to the video/poll itself.

Anyway, I’ve now gone back and edited my post for Part 11 to also include Part 12 as well. Or for anyone that missed it, here’s a convenient link.

And now, onto Part 13!

Paul Serene chooses to focus on his personal relationship with Jack, which leads us into ‘Prisoner’, the second episode of the live-action television series.

October 9th, 2016, 4:19pm
As Liam laments his capture, Fiona gets Charlie involved in something way beyond his pay grade during the Monarch gala.