I wrote a book.

Hello, I wrote a book. I am currently editing that book. I am hoping the book will be finished this year and published next year. It’s very rough right now but I have the optional prologue and first three chapters up (currently unedited) up on Wattpad if you want to read it. Just click here!

The book follows the journey of a soldier of an empire on the decline who has been sent on a politically-motivated suicide quest/escort mission and how the ordeal causes her to question everything she’s known and thought she wanted.


Very nice! Added it to my to-read list. :slight_smile: Are you planning on self-publishing or going to try the trade route with agents and publishers and all that fun, hair-tearing jazz? I’m also in the editing trenches, so I sympathize.

I’d like to believe the book could be published traditionally and I’d prefer to go that route but if I get stonewalled too long by stodgy old gatekeepers I’ll self-publish.

I gotta get my query letter up to snuff but right now I’m focused on getting the blasted thing into a printable condition.

I’ll probably use this thread to talk about my adventures in getting published so that it’s not just a shameless self-promotion thread. I’ll post resources and such if I ever come across any.

Just be careful with posting portions online if you want to go the trade route. Too much can be considered published already (And yes, Wattpad counts as a publishing platform, though because you posted the rough draft in a small amount, you’re safer. I think the magic number is 10% or less of the total book, and edits may drastically change those first chapters.)

If you’re looking for resources, there’s a forum called Absolute Write is great for that. Any topic you could ever want, and especially what publishers are good and which ones to avoid. I’ve been studying up on this stuff for a few years (and have a short story coming out in an anthology soon to show for it), so if you have questions or want some help or anything, I’m happy to. :slight_smile: Publishing is one hell of a ride. Welcome to it.


I’m now writing a Query Letter because the book is as done content-wise as its going to get. Now it’s down to line editing.

140k words, feels good.

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Welcome to the hell that is query letters. If you haven’t found Queryshark yet, it’s run by an agent who gives free query advice. The archives are fantastic guidelines for Dos and Don’ts, cause it’s really, really easy to slip into the Don’ts that end up getting you insta-rejected.

If at any point you want someone’s eyes on it, I’m happy to give what advice I can.

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My editor ghosted me and I had to get a refund and now I’m looking for a new editor and I’m SCARED because editing is expensive and I’m not sure they’ll do what I want.


I’ve been editing the book on my own and I’m really bad at it. I’m supposed to be trimming down this massive wordcount but instead I’m just adding to it.

I’m still working on my query letter and I’m in a place where I really love my book. I wish agents were easier to get.