I Receive You: Let's Play Yakuza (PS2)



Episode 29: Shibaura Wharf (uncut commentary feat. ChaosArgate)

ChaosArgate joins me once more as we clamber aboard the Exposition Boat! We’re very much in the home stretch now, and it’s only two story videos and two sidequest ones from here on out. Not too much longer to go before we can give this thread the mercy killing it deserves.


Episode 30: The Fourth Chairman

I don’t care if we need to face-stomp everybody in Japan to get to Jingu, which is good because that is pretty much what we’re doing in this episode. The man himself, obviously, continues to be a complete and utter chump and never stops talking as long as he’s conscious.

Episode 31 (Story Finale): Sunflowers

It all comes down to this – the final battle between blood brothers, best friends, the Dragon and the Koi.

I’m not going to talk a whole lot in this one aside from a few lines of subtitled commentary at the start of the fight and some stuff during the end credits.

After this, there’s still a couple of sidequest roundup videos to go (speaking of sidequests, the Premium Box we unlock at the end is not like the Premium Adventure in the later games – while it allows you to free roam and do side stuff, your progress from the main game does NOT carry over) and I’ll get around to those at some point, but the main part of the LP is now finished and I thank everyone who has stuck with it all the way through. I’m somewhat disappointed the LP wasn’t more popular but I still very much appreciate those of you who did follow it, and I hope you had an enjoyable time with the original Yakuza!