I need some feedback for my future LP thread

I’m going to start a LP of both Dragon Ball Xenoverse games with two of my pals in the near future, and I’d like some feedback on this OP to see what I can add/fix! Thanks in advance!

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I think the thread rules would be better placed above the episode list, so people who are reading through the OP won’t check out once they get to the first video link, click back and reply immediately without seeing the rest of the post.

Maybe you could also advise how much prior knowledge of Dragon Ball is needed/expected to keep up, if any? If it isn’t much or any at all, you might be able to get more people involved who would be warded off otherwise.

Yeah, I agree with putting the episode list at the bottom. Just makes it easier for people to keep track of updates and where they left off.

In addition to putting how much prior knowledge is necessary to enjoy the LP, I’d also add whether you’ll be explaining references and characters? It’s a pretty mainstream series, but if someone is unfamiliar with the franchise, then it might be useful to them to at least get a crash course on certain story arcs.

Okay, I took the advice from y’all, and updated the test post in the OP with some extra info, including how friendly it is to newcomers. That said, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do any kind of character gallery for lack of ability to do anything with photo editing software.

Edit: turns out my way of recording the first Xenoverse won’t work because the PS4 blocks remote play during all of the cutscenes for it, so I guess that’s a canned idea. I might still do 2 in the future but man, what a bummer