I have too many games I haven't completed... so let's stream them!

I tend to buy games.
I also like games. Unfortunately I tend not to start games. Or I tend to play them once with good intentions and then move onto a different game. Or a game that I’ve already finished. It’s a bad cycle. So to try and remedy that, with the added bonus of entertainment for the huddled masses, I’m going to be streaming these games that I either haven’t played or started but not finished! These games will be played blind and very messily as I try to get to grips with new mechanics and control schemes. They will also be uploaded some period of time after the streams here. You can also follow my Twitter account to keep tabs on when I’m starting or to see various updates regarding streams. Finally and most importantly, I will be streaming on Twitch. Here is the link you’ll need: https://www.twitch.tv/bradthemad45. Streams will be happening usually from 22:00 BST. Here is a website to help you out for your time zone!

Hope to see you there!

Here is the schedule that will be updated occasionally. Keep having a check back if you’re curious!

Bayonetta 2 - Starting 20/08/2018