Hum, it is Strider (2014) Hiryu! He Will Never Leave Eurasia Alive!

Now that I’ve finally got some free time here is my Currently Running Thread, after this thread is over I’ll probably just be posting them here. We’ll see how that goes.
Anyway my goal is to finish up commentary on this very soon, there’s only like 3 episodes or so left.
Since this is a brand new community, so to speak, you can follow me on twitter @Micolithe or go to to see all my past LP’s, even if I never archived them.

This is Strider. Strider was, originally, a 1989 arcade game and was one of Capcom’s early arcade hits. This gave way to a Sega Genesis version which was mostly the same, and an NES version which is… not good. This is none of those, though. In 2014 Capcom released this version of Strider, a retelling of “the core strider story” for PC, PS3, PS4, 360, and X-Bone. It’s probably one of the most fun franchise reboots I’ve ever played, and I am here to share it with you. I am joined by my regular rotating cast of nerds. I am also apologizing upfront about my update schedule, though if you’ve followed any of my previous LP’s you know the drill.


I still love the title of this thread so much, for some goddamn reason. hi mico

notice me senpai

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I wanted to hear the rest of the ‘technology scares me what do’ though Mico. Upload episode 15 please.

Started watching this LP when it got posted here and just caught up. Neat game, but the visual design is incredibly bland. Almost every room just looked like silhouettes of girders with fog in the background, it needed a lot more distinctive stuff like the lava area or the wind tunnel room, or frequently off-topic group commentary to distract from that shortcoming.

if you love off-topic group commentary than i may have that on lockdown

Yeah, the game itself is a little bland visually (though fun looking), but I love the background peanut gallery just talkin’ about any old damn thing.

hashtag content status: COMPLETE

thanks everyone

Bye Strider. You were a game I couldn’t really get into but I’m glad it gave Mico and excuse to do a let’s pee over the course of 2 years.