How to Report Issues!

So, you’ve found an issue on our discussion board! But before you go and report it to us, please make sure to follow these points to help us narrow down the issue so we can get to work fixing it:

  • Are you running any extensions or addons in your browser? Disable those and see if the issue goes away. We can’t offer support for these unfortunately, since there’s way too many of them out there to keep track of.
  • Let us know what your system is running. Windows XP running Internet Explorer 6? iOS 9 running Safari? Chrome 56.0.2924.87 on Windows 10? OS is probably less important, but giving as many details as you can helps.
  • Can you replicate this issue? Tell us what boards, topics, or pages are giving you issues, and what steps you take so we can recreate this issue!

In the event you can’t replicate an issue reliably, it’s okay to make a topic detailing your problem, in case others are having the same problem but haven’t written a report yet. But if we can’t replicate it, it’s unlikely we can fix it.

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