How to handle an LP of an RPG

I’m trying to consider how to do an LP of Last Word. It’s a very short RPG with an unusual battle system. However, I’m unsure how to make it flow well; the beginning will require some explaining, but once everyone understands it and you get a few abilities to work with, a lot of it is just sticking to a successful plan. On top of that, with combat stripped out there’s not a ton to go over. Posting move-by-move images in the beginning and skipping combat entirely in the end seems like a very awkward way to go about it.

Does anyone have advice on how to present a turn-based RPG like this? Any examples of old LPs of gimmicky RPGs that would help figure out how to go about this?

You could check out any of the Fire Emblem LP’s on the archive. You could also do it as a VLP with a co-commentator (there is a thread on this very forum for finding someone to commentate with you if you need it!) if you feel comfortable with it.

Honestly, it’s really hard to answer that question without knowing A) What kind of RPG it actually is (ie standard JRPG, SRPG, etc) and B) How you’re going to present it (video/screenshot). Without knowing more, the best I can say is that going very detailed at first for the purposes of explanation and then cutting it entirely (or at least stripping it down to the gist of what happened) is totally viable and how I did the better part of two Fire Emblem games. It sounds awkward, but let’s be honest, no one is going to want to see “So I used Fira to soften him up and then finished the job with Holy Blade” more than once or twice either, let alone 500 times.

Screenshot, definitely. It all revolves around pushing three meters around, where each meter is the currency for the one above it and the top one is a zero-sum health bar (where it being pushed to one side ends the fight, tug of war style).

After looking up the game, I have to say I’d be very interested in seeing an LP of it! I’d imagine you’d just show combat if the enemies are new, you’re using something new, or if there’s something particularly interesting you have to say for information’s sake.

I don’t have personal LP experience though, so sorry if I’m not much help, but that’s basically how other LPs I’ve seen were handled.