How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Spider-Ass - Let's Play Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

In the year 2008, there was a Spidey game with the gimmick of “switch between the red and black suits at will”. I can only imagine some people avoided it due to a certain theatrical release.

I rented it, and while I couldn’t tell you if it was from Gamefly or Blockbuster at the time, I can definitely tell you it’s a good-ass game…and a good ass-game! Seriously, Spidey’s rumpus is top quality and it’s almost always on display. It’s just a good ass.

As for the game, I bought it on 360 at some point, butt I have no idea what happened to that copy. Flash forward eight years and change. I roll up to Gamestop, buy me a dang ol’ Spidey game and boot up OBS, and whaddyaknow? It’s as fun as I remember, though a bit repetitive.

Joining me on this ride are YappingEevee and TheHeavenator. Please do not expect stellar gameplay. Please do not spoil. Please fondly regard Spider-Man’s ass.


This is so much better than the Spider-man 3 game.

The black suit actually changes the way you play the game.

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Yeah, changes it to the correct way.

It’s super powerful and destructive,the game is made almost trivial by it meaning you might end up relying on it which fits with it’s addictive qualities.


Looking forward to seeing you play through this! I rented both the PS2 and Xbox360 versions of this. I might be a bit weird though because I found the PS2 version more enjoyable?

From what I remember of it, the PS2 game was pretty solid for a side-scrolling action platformer… thing.

Videogame classifications are dumb.

This game looks janky and stupid in the exact way that made Spider-man 2 fun, please try your hardest to make every video thumbnail spider-man’s ass. thank you

I swear I didn’t do that. Youtube’s advanced algorithms just decided Spidey’s ass was the ideal thumbnail.

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Riiiiight, we totally believe you.

The alternative is believing that I’d go through the effort of scanning the video for the ideal butt shot. You know how I feel about effort.


The cutscenes in this game are so good, and for all the wrong reasons.

Made some necessary changes to the first video.

Is it possible to angle the camera to see what Spidey’s web attaches to?

Spidey actually has a drone constantly flying above him to allow him to swing around everywhere.