Hide Details Formatting

Noticing something with the ‘Hide Details’ feature when it comes to images (Have yet to try with text.) It seems like there is a little funny business when it comes to spacing before an image that is hidden with this ‘Hide Details’ option. If you enter text directly before an image you have hidden, it seems as if you need to “drop down” two lines as opposed to one, or else you get the following -

One “Enter” line (“Next Line”) -

Maybe PNG?


Two “Enter” Lines (One “Full” Line Space) -

Maybe GIF?


Unsure if this is intentional or a current limitation, just something I’ve noticed playing around with it.

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So weird. We’ll have to work around it for the time being - hey @moderators this seems like a thing we should have in the FAQ or somewhere similar, no? Maybe a new thread in SF about “Current Limitations/Workarounds for Discourse”

Yeah definitely, admittedly it’s not a huge -huge- thing, it’s an easy workaround, just struck me as odd.

Yeah that’s… really weird. In any case yeah a stickied thread for known issues/workarounds is a good idea. I’ll get on that.

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Thanks dude. You’re a huge help and are absolutely killing this mod thing! :tada:

While making the new thread I discovered and can confirm that hide details is in fact borked in the same way for text