Hey, I Wanna See Your One Off Projects

I love working off on pointless silly videos, along with bigger projects. So I think it’d be cool to see what other people have made as one offs.

Here’s my video in which I eat fastfood.

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Most of my one-off stuff is video game/LP related. I like doing these kinds of things just to fuck around with editing techniques.

-I had an idea to make a channel trailer after searching the net for cheesy stock production music

-This one was when PSO2 introduced photon art crafting and one of the crafts basically allowed you to turn into a moving saw blade. I thought it looked silly so I made this.

-I did this back when Ragny was LPing Resident Evil, and someone wanted to see the cheesy intro set the Quantum Leap Theme.

-This is an unfinished video for a Samurai Champloo LP I wanted to do, but never got around to doing.

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I love it.

I love it.

I have a few things that I’ve been wanting to do or been working on in bits and pieces when I have the time, but most of it’s all unfinished.

I did a highlight reel for Giant Bomb’s Mario Party 5 playthrough, and I regularly think about how it’s probably the most popular video I’ll ever make.

I also have this Christmas video that I was pretty proud of, if only because I did the whole thing literally overnight so I could have it done by Christmas Day.

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Well, here’s a recent video where I parody the lost episode genre of creepypastas while displaying a Kristen Stewart in Twilight acting style. I’d like to say the awkwardness was intentional, but I’m not that good!

I made a one-off podcast (i call it a pilot) where a bunch of friends had to come up with new ideas for products/projects and I got to judge them.

It was a fun project, but scheduling it is a little rough, I might need more people soon, and tweak it to being three people.

I made a video where I show people Puzzle Puppers

And I also made a meme video because Jojo


Once upon a time, I watched a TieTuesday stream of Puzzles and Dragons.

Then, a bad idea came to me.

This was the result.