Here's Something Out of the Blue - Let's Play Diver's Dream

Diver’s Dream is a 1998 PlayStation 1 game developed by Konami. It’s known in Japan as Dolphin’s Dream and it was never released in North America. The game puts you in the role of a treasure hunter and diver in the search for the Gigantic Matilda, a pre-World War II ship that sank and still lies unrecovered. You will swim through dangerous areas, hunting for treasure, avoiding the dangers of the sea and using your loot to buy better gear.

What kind of LP is this?

This is a blind post-commentary Let’s Play. One of the reasons I’ve decided to do this is because information on the game online is scarce-to-nonexistent in English. There’s nothing on GameFAQs, only one other Let’s Play on YouTube that I’ve found and no Wikipedia article. But rather than bumbling my way through with live commentary, I’ll instead be playing it and talking about my observations. The game is being emulated on PC, so weird technical issues might occur.

How long is this game?

My ballpark guess is around 5 hours to beat it.

How often will you update this LP?

Updates will be sporadic, since this is a backburner curiosity project.

:glitchcrab: SPOILER POLICY :glitchcrab:

On the off-chance that you’ve played this game, please keep all story-spoilers out of the thread until the LP is completed. Talking about mechanics is fine.


Part 01

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The Cast So Far

Burrr (formerly known as Jean)
The protagonist of our game who is a non-greedy treasure hunter and a good person.

An old man who partnered up with us so we could find the legendary Gigantic Matilda.

Roberto’s daughter who is helping us on our quest to find the Gigantic Matilda.

The shop owner who will give us occassional quests and sell us diving gear.

The curiosity shop owner who will buy salvaged treasure off of us.

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I have no idea what sort of currency Lupecita are supposed to be parodying/paying homage to, but their name makes me think of the diminutive form of Lupé in Spanish.

Anyway, from what I saw of the diving segment it looked like most of the damage was caused by the jellyfish alone, it’s just that Burrr Coustaeu didn’t wince every single time.

Anyway, I’ll gladly watch more episodes of what looks to be one of Endless Ocean’s spiritual predecessors.

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Roberto reminds me of a sea-faring Victor Sully, in this game I’m now tempted to call Uncharted Waters


Hopefully we don’t ruin ancient aquatic ecosystems the same way Drake ruins ancient civilizations.