Greed is Good, Except When a Weight Falls on You – Let’s Play Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land


Wario’s conquered the S.S. Teacup, but he’s not out of the woods yet. In fact, he just entered them. What treasures await him in this haunted forest? Also, how can one person forget how much she hates a level until she sees it again?

(It’s neat aesthetics. I’m a sucker for unique tilesets and settings.)


The feverish loot sweats bring a shame you desperately push into the back of your mind. But the chickens and the clouds are always there, always ready to pull them into the foreground once more, always reminding you of your pursuit of coinage.


hey fefnir do you enjoy the bird and lightning levels?



I did a double-take at the screenshot, but it looks like Parsley Woods does indeed turn into Parsely Woods when you hit the switch. I wonder if that’s a strange attempt to mimic a Japanese pun.


I think it’s just a typo made in the second version of the map. Now granted I can’t parse a pun from the “Parsely” spelling, but I doubt anyone decided to go that specifically meta for a joke.


huh i never noticed that before


Wario has reached the end of Kitchen Island, where the castle of the dread Captain Syrup awaits. While there’s plenty of treasure to go around, just what surprise does Captain Syrup have for Wario at the very top of the fortress?


Go up the tower, blow up the tower - Wario cares little for the distinction. One of them has to leave the top within his reach, right?


Wario is entirely about results.


I like how you changed power-ups more in that one level with the required Bull Wario section than in the entire preceding world.


Almost but not quite one transformation per world without one.


Wario hadn’t taken off that hat since he went mountain climbing. Without Jet, no other hat is as meaningful.


This was the game that got me to want a Game Boy many years ago - thank you for the excellent Let’s Play!


it really did make me feel like a kid again


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Thanks to everyone for commenting! It was fun to play SML3 again, chickens and clouds not withstanding, and posting in the thread has been a joy!