Gotta Snap a Handful - Let's Play Pokemon Snap

The game
Pokemon Snap is one of the many Pokemon spin-off games that came out on the Nintendo 64, and it’s one of the handful based specifically on the anime. Combining the concept of a photography game with a rail shooter, you drive through several locales on Pokemon Island, find Pokemon in their natural habitat going about their pre-programmed lives, harass them with objects and noise, and take pictures of the results for points and science. It’s a quick and simple game, but it garnered enough affection from players that we’re still clamoring for a sequel decades later.

The story is such:
You are Todd Snap Snaphat, a Pokemon photographer and recurring side character from the early seasons of the anime. You’ve been hired by Professor Oak to drive through Pokemon Island and snap the best photos of every Pokemon there. Along the way, you both discover clues as to the location of the rarest Pokemon of all at the time.

The LP:
This will be a 100% LP: every Pokemon snapped, though I may not go for the best possible score because that often doesn’t matter. I’ll also try to show off as many special, secret Pokemon photos you can get, like all the random crap Pikachu gets up to. Updates are on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday for two weeks.
JigglyJacob joins me as co-commentator while our friend Mugiwara Yoshi is in the middle of moving.
The footage is recorded from a modded N64 that outputs an RGB signal through SCART, which bypasses the N64’s built-in blurring and can be upscaled to HD. It may not look as good or run as smoothly as a ROM, but at least all of the graphics are still there.


(By GreenGuy)


Hell yeah, I’m always ready to watch some Pokemon Snap. For how much I’ve played this game myself, I always seem to forget that it was made by HAL, which… wait a minute…

I’m not sure I understand this evolution chain.


In the sequel you should play as John Snapguy, and take pictures of Pokemon with your double barreled super-camera.

That concept art for the Zero-One makes it look like a Dragon Ball vehicle.

You feed through your face, anyway.

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For some reason, the sprite of Oak on the map reminds me of those “Calvin peeing on a thing” stickers.


Back when my brothers and I regularly played N64 together, “Oak likes to pee in the ocean” was one of the few jokes we’d use that I remember spawning from this game.

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Now we’re just getting cruel.

The island never stops going down.

Finally, those things we’ve seen this whole time mean something!

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That concludes this quickie LP!
Star Fox Adventures is still being worked on, but I’ve got a couple more N64-based ideas to fill in the gaps. I’m going to stream a revisitation of Bomberman Hero next week, and I bought Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards for another potential filler LP.

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