Goddess of Time, Watch Over This Blind LP of Majora's Mask

Hi, friends! My name is Fae and according to my friends I’ve never played a videogame before.

Well, that’s not completely true but there are a lot of classic and well loved games that I’ve never touched or even know anything about! Last year I knocked one of these games off my list by finally beating Ocarina of Time for the first time, aided by my good friend and Designated Navi ChaosArgate, a whole host of friends and guests and my own wits!

Majora’s Mask was on my list pretty much the moment I beat OoT and a lot of people have been very excited to see me play it! Released for the N64 in 2000 (April 27 in Japan, North American on October 26th and Europe on November 17th) and remastered for the 3DS early last year, its certainly one of the more divisive Zelda games! Opinions tend to range from people considering it the best Zelda game to thinking its the worst, and in my experience there’s not a lot in between. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I know very little about this game and have never played it or watched it being played. I know literally three things about the game going in, and they’re very obvious things like “there are masks” and “its built on the OoT engine”. I’m going in with no foreknowledge or preparation whatsoever and everything you see in these videos is something I’m seeing for the first time! But its not all bad! As usual I’m dragging Navi aka ChaosArgate with me, and I’m also joined by a new permanent co-commentator Tatl aka Artix, who has assured me that he knows this game like the back of his hand. Along with you guys here in the thread, the two of them will be helping me bumble my way through Clock Town and beyond as I make new friends, smash my face into new enemies and die in stupid ways that are 85% of the time, my own damn fault. So let’s get started shall we?

This is a blind LP, so the spoiler policy is very strict. If it hasn’t appeared in a video, do not talk about it. Not even in tags. No nudge-nudge-wink-wink stuff, no “I can’t wait until you get to the giant bunny fight!”. I am playing this with no foreknowledge and some are watching it in the same position, it’d be a shame to ruin that, no?

A note on the first session: A couple of things went wrong. First of all I accidentally fucked up my audio recording a little bit so my video ended up having the audio from my two co-commentators baked into it. Their audio isn’t as good as it should be and ChaosArgate’s smoke detector is beeping periodically in the background. Secondly, Majora’s Mask doesn’t emulate well without some fiddling. There are a few audio issues with the game itself (a little bit of skipping and slowdowns, etc) and the cool transition that’s supposed to play as the day is ending doesn’t play. That’s the nature of blind LPs I suppose, I couldn’t exactly load the game up to make sure things worked perfectly before I started! The good news is that we fix it after episode 4 thanks to my buddy FPzero who helped me get everything working correctly!

Episode 1 - I Know Three Things About This Game
Episode 2 - Dog Wants My Bones
Episode 3 - Weird Kid Cult
Episode 4 - A Selfie Gone Wrong
Episode 5 - Bumbling Into The Plot
Episode 6 - Tingle, What Did You Do!?
Episode 7 - Throw Tingle Into A Ditch
Episode 8 - Mail Fraud
Episode 9 - Featuring LP Superstar Blind Sally
Episode 10 - Properly Adorable
Episode 11 - I Remember Things
Episode 12 - A Nice Relaxing Boat Ride
Episode 13 - Tactical Stealth Action Pt. 2
Episode 14 - I Hate This Couple
Episode 15 - High Explosives You Put On Your Face
Episode 16 - This Is So Unnecessary
Episode 17 - Buttwings
Episode 18 - Link Has Mad Ups
Episode 19 - I’m Not Good At These Games
Episode 20 - Just A Regular-Ass Frog
Episode 21 - At Least Six Problems
Episode 22 - He’s Just Looting A Corpse
Episode 23 - You’re Completely On Your Own
Bonus 1 - Artix’s Combat School
Episode 24 - My Favourite Character In FFXIII
Episode 25 - Technical Difficulties
Episode 26 - This Is A Cool Hallucination We’re All Having
Episode 27 - ChaosArgate Learned A Thing
Episode 28 - I Hate Mazes
Episode 29 - Please Don’t Punch The Baby
Episode 30 - Fairy Hunting
Episode 31 - Morph Ball Experiments
Episode 32 - Shut Up, That’s Why
Episode 33 - Firing Blind
Episode 34 - Lunch Break
Episode 35 - Literally Standing On The Answer
Episode 36 - Can We Do That Again?
Episode 37 - Its Been A While
Episode 38 - The One Where Everyone But Me Is Playing Pokemon
Episode 39 - The Truth Is Out There
Episode 40 - Fae, Please Pay More Attention
Episode 41 - I Know This Stand
Episode 42 - You Are A Slimy Fish
Episode 43 - Wasps Are Avatars of Pure Hatred
Episode 44 - There’s No Joy At The End Of This Road
Episode 45 - The Hookshot Is Not A Fish
Episode 46 - Sweet Jam Sessions


And now that I’ve dumped all that content on you, today’s update!

Episode 45 - The Hookshot Is Not A Fish

I can’t wait to learn the context of this quote. That’s almost always the best part of these, finding out why the title got said.


Its something I started doing during OoT to make editing more bearable – write down funny things that get said during the session and pick your favourite one for the episode title. it keeps me engaged while editing as I try to listen out for the strange things I say and when I post the videos people get to look forward to the context for these titles!

The best part of these titles is if you read them all in succession they tell the weirdest story that you try and make sense off. “Mail Fraud - Featuring LP SuperStar Blind Sally”

Episode 46 - Sweet Jam Sessions

I once again fail to remember the plot and Artix tries (and fails) at giving me subtle puzzle hints

I completely forgot about the turtle. Or the eels. I remember the pirates and the next area, as well as a ton of running around Clock Town, but Great Bay feels new to me for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’ve beaten MM that one time, compared to half a dozen times beating OoT, but how do you forget riding on a giant turtle? All the better to watch it again, I guess!