Getting owned at video games in real-time! :: wottermelon streams

Too impatient to wait for my new LP videos to drop on youtube and want to see me getting devastatingly owned at video games?

Well, you can join me multiple times a week at 7PM ET/11PM UTC over on my twitch channel!

I mainly play current-gen games and various entries from the SoulsBorne series, but for the most part, I’m just getting into streaming consistently, so I’m trying a bunch of different stuff to see what I’m comfortable with.

Currently streaming Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, when I stream indie games, some older games, and currently a Dark Souls 3 SL1 playthrough. All VODs end up on my youtube channel, so even if you miss a stream, you can still watch them later!

You can get reminders of streams (and LP updates) on my twitter account as well, so swing by and say “Hi!” and maybe you can watch me pretend like I know what I’m doing!!