GET SPOOKED! Resident Evil 7 LP

Hi everyone! I’m dranocross and this is my first post here! Hello!
I play different types of games and now I’m tackling Resident Evil 7 Blind.
Future episodes are up for release in the next coming days, and I will update accordingly.
I will also start a NioH play through tomorrow!
Check them out! Conversation and feedback really appreciated!
Thank you!

Updated the post so the playlist is at the top and will be adding the episodes below as they come out! :3

Part 1: Freaking Deadites, Man.

Here’s part 2! Nice Car, Ethan!

Here’s part 3! You Ain’t Getting Away! Check it out!

Here’s part 4! Epic Chainsaw Fight?! Groovy!

Part 5: Freaky Gross Bug Lady!

Part 6: Die Bug Lady! Die!

Part 7: Sorry, buddy.

Part 8: F-ing passwords, right?

Part 9: Jack’s Back!

Part 10: E001

Part 11: This is The End.

Thanks for watching!

Here’s part 2! I don’t know if I should update my original post, or post the next episode as a reply. Please let me know. :3
Again conversation and feedback really appreciated!

The typical format is to update the OP, too, but it shouldn’t matter if your videos are properly in a youtube playlist. Which, uh, currently they aren’t. Your playlist only has the second video in it.

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Alright, I’ll keep updating the OP. Hmm I thought I added part 1. I’ll fix it. Thanks!

Part 3 is up! How is everyone doing?

Part 4 is up! :3

Hey! Part 5 is up! :3 Hope you’re all having a good one!

Part 6 is up! Thanks for watching! :3

Hey everyone part 7 is up! :3

The spooks never end! Part 8 is up! If you’ve been paying attention to the thumbnails, you will notice dranocross is slowly changing into something… D: I hope you’re all doing well!

Hi everyone! Part 9 is up. :3:

Hey! Part 10 is up! Check it out! : D!

Hey everyone! The spooks are over! Resident Evil 7 part 11 is up! Last episode. Hope you enjoyed this LP. Thanks for watching!