General Forum Tips & FAQ?

I’m still a bit of newbie when it comes to forums. So, it would be helpful if there was a forum usage tips or FAQ page.
But to be specific, things I’m not sure how to do:

  1. (YouTube) Video Embedding
  2. Jumping to Specified Posts from a link
  1. You just need to keep the YT link on its own line.

"Hey guys look at this funny video:


Pretty funny huh?"

  1. If you click the post time on the upper right corner of a post, you should get a link to the post that looks like this: A Series of Unfortunate Vents - Let's Play Dead Space Clicking it will lead to that specific post and highlight it in blue.
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Ok, let’s see…


ohhhhh okay, thanks

btw, another thing worth noting is that, if you go to the page you linked to, you’ll see your link, underneath the post. Which is kinda neat

There is a FAQ for this site, under the Menu button:

It is a little out of the way to access it, as well as the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Oh cool, there’s some keyboard shortcuts too! I never knew about those.

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