*gasp* I can do this... I can LP Tomb Raider *gasp*

Welcome to Tomb Raider (2013; the remaster).

Crystal Dynamics decided to reboot the franchise and make it more of a linear experience, a la Uncharted.
So the new Lara Croft is being thrusted into a terrible situation to reboot the franchise.

Lara is stranded on a previously thought to be “uninhabited Island” only to find out that it is very inhabited and also hostile.
So now she has to raid tombs that are basically optional, and shoot roughly 10,000 people in the face. Also save her coworkers/shipmates.

I really like this game.

This will be an edited LP as I guide my co-commentator Lynxwinters through this.

Tomb Raider #1: Dragon’s Triangle
Tomb Raider #2: Cabela
Tomb Raider #3: You Cannot Pet the Dogs
Tomb Raider #4: Fish


Beyond the fact that this game really does have a weird focus on brutalizing Laura, it seems really solid.

Also I think your audio might be desynced with the video. Best place to see it is around when the title drop is (10:50 or so).

I predict two people (ignoring Laura) survive this island adventure.

Hey y’all. The audio desync in part 1 was bugging the hell out of me so I fixed it and reuploaded it: Dragon’s Triangle

Here’s part 2, where Lara gets her first taste of blood sending her down a spiraling path of murdering people and not just animals: Cabela


And also, I’m here! Thank you for enjoying our fun island adventure where nothing is going catastrophically wrong immediately.


Strong agree that Arrow is the best show you shouldn’t ever watch. The entire DC tv stuff is fantastic in how stupid it is, and how sometimes it is just also unbelievably excellent (Legends of Tomorrow has no right to be as good as it is).

… it struck me as you talked to him at the camp site but Roth is played by a HEAVILY accented Robin Atkin Downes, aka Master Miller. That’s… a hell of a thing, I think.

Wow what an unpleasant way to start a game. No wonder I heard people being down on this one.

what the hell is this, some kinda tomb?

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Oops I forgot to update the thread last week so you’re all getting a double update today!

Here are parts 3 and 4:

Tomb Raider #3: You Cannot Pet the Dogs
Tomb Raider #4: Fish


Hell yeah more Raid Tomber.

I’ll admit I’m a shameless weirdo who likes video game lore, so I am kind of interested in reading all the Things in this video game. I feel like it adds to the mystery, I think?

You know, even if some of traveling companions are weird dumb nerds and shitty rich people, that camera footage was actually kinda sweet and humanizing.

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