Game of Death: XCOM 2

Hi, everybody! I’m gearing up to LP XCOM 2. Originally, this was going to be a really informal thing for a limited audience, but I need way more entries for my character pool of friends and friends’ OCs.

I’m going to run this thing like a really cynical reality show, I think. I’ll make up the posts a few in advance and stagger them out, with intentionally vague “next episode previews”, and everybody gets to try and figure out who might die next time.

Uh, so anyway, that’s where you all come in. This spreadsheet, which I also posted in the general XCOM thread, can be used for basic descriptions of characters you want me to make of you.

If there’s a cosmetic mod you know I’ll need, let me know. If you don’t want to leave things up to my imagination, I’ll also take .bin files generated from your copy of the game.

Here is the Dropbox link for the folder where I’ll be keeping the character pool binaries. I’ll keep up with version numbers as I add people so you can tell if there’s a new one.

What kind of LP will this be?
I’m gonna level with yall, I only have free time in blocks greater than like 3 hours on the weekends, so it’s not gonna be a proper Video LP. It’s likely to be a hybrid LP, mostly screenshots and narrative, with occasional video clips or GIFs for “play of the game” type things, or people getting killed.

Hey, what a coincidence, I was getting around to replaying this game myself. Looking forward to updates.

Submitted a character.

Can’t wait to miss a whole lotta point blank shots.
I’ve only ever played the previous game, given apparently XCOM 2 was fairly buggy when it came out? It otherwise looked pretty good and it really improved the character creation, so I’ll have to play it at some point.

I’ll be adding the spreadsheet entries to the in-game pool as they come in over a few days, probably, before I get started. I have about 10 people from @LadyNaga’s discord, but I need, at bare minimum, 16 characters in the whole pool to make up the initial starting roster + initial rookie recruit menu. Ideally, we want way more than that so we can pull from the pool to generate Black Market, HQ, and mission reward recruits, as well.

If worse comes to worse, I’ll add a bunch of podcast people or something if I need to fill in space. The goal is to go as far into the game as possible before it starts generating randos for soldiers.

I have ragequit twice in the time since it came out in this month’s Humble Bundle. I love it.

I have added my details with a complete description of my persona, down to the finest points of his emotional state of being.

I’m probably about ready to start production on this. Uh, once I know who’s in any given episode: should I solicit that forum member for like a green room interview statement from their character, or should I just wing it with my own characterizations? I could honestly go either way on that. My instinct that I’m leaning toward is “wing it”, just because it’s like herding cats getting a bunch of people to, effectively, sign off on every episode.

I think the interviews sound like fun, but don’t make them a mandatory hook! Kittens is kittens. :slight_smile: