Game Kiwi Streams

Where Do You Stream?
Right here:
Archives go up on YouTube pretty soon after the stream ends. All Stream Archives Here

What is Game Kiwi?
I’m Mike and I stream like I LP, under the name of Game Kiwi which is just me and whatever friends I can rope into doing stuff with me.

What Do You Stream?
I have a few things I stream on a more-or-less scheduled basis, and some that are a bit more impromptu. Here’s what I’ve currently got going on:
(All times are PST and subject to change or shift) Click the titles for show archives.

###Less Scheduled Shows (I’ll announce firm dates and times in here):

  • Gunpla Boiz Build Gunpla - Mike and friends get together online to build plastic robots and just hang out. We have an A-B schedule for this now. A Weeks are on Saturday and are longer streams; B’s are shorter and on Sunday. Both are equally as chill. But we may skip weeks if time doesn’t allow, because weekend.

Have You Finished Any Games On Stream?
Yes. Kinda.

Any Rules?
The only rule is to just be cool. Don’t be a dick. I don’t want to make more rules but I will if I have to. I like interacting with and talking to chat, so when people are a bunch of boners in chat it kinda makes me have less fun.

C’mon and join me next time! I swear I’m not THAT bad.

Streaming Xenoblade Chronicles X for an hour or two.
Come join us!

e: Done

Streaming Densha de Go 3! now!

e: done

4 person gunpla stream going on! Come join us!

I’m streaming some Xenoblade Chronicles X again.

e: I’ll start posting links to the archived streams here when I’m done with them.

Here’s the first one.

Weekday Gunpla stream starting now!

e: archive

Weekend 3 person gunpla stream time!

e: archive

Streaming Xenoblade Chronicles X now

e: archive

Playing Tee K.O. now. Get in and make some shirts with us!

e: done. don’t think i’m going to archive that one because people put some shitty gross stuff in.

playing densha de go 3 now

Building some Not-Gunpla right now!

Streaming Xenoblade Chronicles X

It’s time to make some shirts!!