Fuzzy folks in silly situations - Chaz's Art Thread

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So while I’m getting settled into this forum, I draw stuff too! It’s furry stuff, but I don’t really do the porn thing. (Well, not for lack of trying, I just haven’t figured it out yet. Regardless, it ain’t going in this thread).

What I do make are silly comics and one-off doodles, usually inspired by incidents that have happened with me and my friends playing games, or just general discussions we’ve had. These can range from simple one-off drawings to silly multi-panel comics, and very rarely animations. I’ll share a couple of what I’ve got so far (Also can I say I really love this forum’s “Hide details” feature? Super nice for keeping posts compact by hiding pics until folks wanna see 'em):


[details=You have no idea how true this is.]

A little sci-fi dealie with a friend's character!


[details=Some sort of large hidden base that is actually a flying fortress]http://68.media.tumblr.com/fd31262db455ad1017f16793f44d91f6/tumblr_obm23eRquz1qe4nvco2_540.png
And also my character, who’s unwittingly found himself the only living crew member on-board following a mutiny…


[details=This one’s a Stardew Valley comic. Shane Train for life!]


[details=Another Stardew comic. I’m bad at time management and I blame Clint.]http://68.media.tumblr.com/e2a3754dd3060c7d03bc20c68a3e749f/tumblr_oenxwbGcki1qe4nvco4_540.png

[details=Last one for now, GTA Online shenanigans this time.]http://68.media.tumblr.com/a4c244a86f03fbee8a03104089895528/tumblr_oe6lf0NEEF1qe4nvco6_540.png

I’ll have to share more with you folks sometime, but I hope you enjoy these goofy lil’ pixel-brush doodles!

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Wait a sec. My avatar was drawn by a furry named Chaz. Does it look familiar?

That must be a different Chaz, I’m afraid!

Edit: Ah crap, the “Hide details” function is on the fritz. No idea what I’m doing wrong or if it’s just a forum-side bug. In that case, reader beware, there are walls of worldbuilding text below!

I’m feeling like sharing a little more art today, so here’s a small handful of concepts for a retro-modern sci-fantasy RPG setting I came up with last year - Based initially on the Pathfinder setting but I’m still trying to find an RPG system it’d really work with.

The Setting

“Gold Leaves” is the name of the concept, it’s set in an alternate 20th century earth, on a small island/archipelago called Lasku, which suffered a magical catastrophe centuries ago, causing it to become stuck in a permanent state of autumn. This has been a blessing and a curse, as crops are harder to grow but the island’s become a source of tourism for people who want to see the ‘evergold’ trees.


When designing the concept I wanted to take a “No Guns” approach - Weaponry in this setting is still of the swords, boards, daggers and bows variety, but these once archaic weapons have been refined and developed with the latest and greatest in high-tech composite materials, making for sturdier, more reliable weaponry.


When I said “No guns” that goes for spellcasting too. I’ve seen magical guns on no less than three occasions, but I’ve never really seen anyone take a more traditional approach - i.e. keeping the whole “Staves, scrolls and spellbooks” concept and modernizing that, rather than writing spells on magical bullets and loading them into spell-guns (Looking at you, Irregular at Magic High School.)

[details=The Castmate and Pocket-Wiz (WARNING: Wall o’ text ahead!)]So with that in mind I devised the “Castmate” and “Pocket-Wiz” devices for techno-wizards. The Pocket-Wiz could be considered an early tablet computer, almost like a really chunky Kindle. Spells can be programmed into this device - many budding wizards have stacks of books dedicated to programming spells (Think like the old Atari game books that would allow home users to program games in BASIC). The old-hat wizards who never had those kinds of books tend to have a bit more ingenuity in their spells, and the younger, more mischievous mages have learned how to modify and hack spells to assert a finer degree of control over them.

Of course, with the new “Scan-Bar” feature on newer models, wizards can simply scan these programming tomes and let their trusty digital spellbooks do the work. Curiously, adventurers have found that they can also recognize ancient scrolls from centuries past.

The other half of a wizard’s technical repertoire is the Castmate, which could be roughly described as a “Spell Modem”, essentially loading a written spell from the Pocket Wiz into its internal memory, ready to be cast from the focus point (That little light on the front) when the wizard gestures with it (Rudimentary accelerometers allow for flashy somatic spellcasting to remain in vogue!). Depending on the amount of RAM and bandwidth inside a Castmate, more spells can be loaded more quickly.

Depending on the length of time one expects to use these devices in any given adventure, a number of ergonomic battery-handles have been devised, ranging from the ultra-light “Wand” battery for occasional spellcasting, to the bulky but durable “Staff” battery, for full-time spellcasters.

Older models of the Pocket Wiz came with a parallel port interface to plug into their castmate, but recent advances in short-range wireless technology have allowed for a less cumbersome means of linking spellbook to staff. Newer models of Castmate retain the parallel port in case someone with an older Pocket Wiz wants to upgrade their casting tool but doesn’t have a means to transfer their spells.[/details]

Phew, that was a lot of worldbuilding info right there, along with some of my experimental lineless art. I gotta play about with more of that, I was trying to go for a sorta Syd Mead/Simon Stalenhag look. Here’s one last pic of Gold Leaves, for the patient folks who read the whole way through: