For Honor: Medieval War Fanfiction

Not going to make a huge effort post just yet, but I wanted to see who all here is playing For Honor? Beta ends today but I’ve had a few days to toy around with it. Still on the wall about spending the cash for release but if my friends pick it up I probably will as well.

I was wondering whether or not to make this thread myself. I’m looking forward to the game, so far I’ve really like the beta though I wanna get to try out the last 3 classes so badly. The big pollaxe class is what I’m looking forwards to the most I love pollaxes.

I’m big on mobile classes so I’ve been working the Peacemaker and the Berserker, although I might give the Valkyrie a try come release. It’s definitely been both a lot of fun and frustration getting the mechanics and timings down. I still suck at breaking guard-break.

I’m good with guard breaks but bad with dodging when I need to. Peacemaker has been a lot of fun I love her combos and bleed/poison attacks, same for the Nobushi. Berserker is the one I really just can’t figure out for the life of me, or the Orochi. Also is it just me or are the AI Conquerors a bit too tough?

Yeah, bot conquerors are broken af. It’s because they’re a class built around blocking and the AI does that semi-psychic shit that you see in fighting games where they’re always able to block. Lots of guardbreaking and parrying gets around it.

And now it’s out! So far I’m really enjoying it though it still suffers from some connection issues I love the Shugoki they’re a blast to play as and pretty funny too.

I’ve been going nuts over this game. So far favorites are Conqueror and Peacekeeper. out of curiosity what sideof the faction war did you guys sign up for? I went with Knights and it seems like we never have any big pushes. I think we’re the little guys here lol.

I went with Vikings because eh why not, in Beta they seemed very popular and I wanted rewards :3.

My depression has been kicking the hell out of me but I’ve been managing to play when I can it’s so fun. I’ve been playing a lot of Lawbringer and kicking butt as well as some Valkyrie, Shugoki, and Kensei. Conqueror is a lot of fun too and I dabble in Peacekeeper every now and then.

If you wanna watch I’ve been uploading my duels.