For England, James? No... For PS3/360/PC. Let's play 007: Blood Stone

Part 01: Athens (Prologue)
Part 02: Istanbul (Mission 1.1)
Part 03: Istanbul (Mission 1.2-1.3)
Part 04: Monaco (Mission 2.1)
Part 05: Siberia (Mission 2.2)
Part 06: Siberia (Mission 2.3-2.4)
Part 07: Siberia (Mission 2.5)
Part 08: Bangkok (Mission 3.1-3.3)
Part 09: Bangkok (Mission 3.4)
Part 10: Burma (Mission 3.5-3.6)
Part 11: Burma (Mission 3.7) & Epilogue

Supplementary: Multiplayer

Supplementary: Theater Mode

In 2008, rumors began to circulate that Bizarre Creations (Project Gotham Racing, The Club) was working on a licensed James Bond game starring Daniel Craig, following Bizarre’s then-recent acquision by Activision (Minority Report: Everybody Runs), who owned the Bond license at the time. The game was reported to contain plenty of driving elements, to the point that articles about the game began collectively referring to it as “James Bond Racing.” James Bond 007: Blood Stone was officially announced in July 2010 and, four months later, the game hit store shelves with little fanfare on November 2nd—the same day as Goldeneye 007 for Nintendo Wii, and one week before Call of Duty: Black Ops.

007: Blood Stone is a third-person action game set in the James Bond cinematic universe. Taking place between the events of Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, players assume the role of Daniel Craig as James Bond and travel across Europe and Asia to stop a dastardly biochemical-weapons plot. According to the back of the box, the game features brutal close-quarters combat, signature Bond moments, and high-speed aggressive driving, and is rated PEGI-16 for Violence and Online.

I’m Phenwah, joined as always by Lobst and DemoWeasel, reminding you to keep your enemies close. Welcome to Blood Stone.

Part 01: Athens (Prologue: Change of Plans)

Today’s video takes us to Athens for the game’s single prologue chapter, “Change of Plans.”

I realize we’re a little chatty during the cutscenes, but don’t worry: I’ll be cutting together a Theater Mode at the end of the Let’s Play so you can experience the game’s riveting story on its own.


If you want to be technical, this level actually takes place in Lthsnd, in the wonderful country called Grssss.

I mean, that’s what the title card said.

I think the funniest thing about this game is that even after FrenzyTheKillbot did an LP of this game back around 2012, everything you could ever find about the game anywhere else on the Internet cared so little about it that everyone was still convinced this prologue was the entire game. For years on end, everyone insisted Greco was the only bad guy and Athens Lthsnd was the only place Bond did things in. I suppose that’s what happens when you release a game in the same week as a remake of an N64 classic and a Call of Duty game.

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Part 02: Istanbul (Mission 1.1)

In today’s video, we head to Istanbul for the start of the game’s first chapter.
1.1: The Key to Crack the Code

I’m going to be pasting in the Intel we collect during every mission when I post it; here are the ones for this segment:

MI6 Analysis: Audio Surveillance Device
This phone has been bugged with a covert digital transmitter. Efforts to trace its signal to a point of reception have been hampered by the signal being relayed through multiple satellite carriers. Best guess is that the receiver may be located somewhere on the Chinese mainland.

MI6 Identification: Body of Deceased Male
Dr. S. Justacomins, director of bio-engineering at the University of Stuttgart. He went missing from his home three weeks ago, thought to have absconded with one of his mistresses. Little is known about his research, although it is thought to relate to the stabilization of biological compounds for transportation. The cause of death is a single gunshot wound to the head.

MI6 Armory Report: MP7 Silenced
The compact MP7 is a devastating weapon at close to medium range. Used covertly, its silencer and fast rate of fire makes it a powerful asset but its small clip size makes it ineffective if facing enemies in number.

Alphabet-like symbols and alphabet letters are exactly the same! And I suppose I’m not surprised about the prologue; I reckon a lot of reviewers just played the first bit of this game and said “yep, that’s what this is.”

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Part 03: Istanbul (Mission 1.2-1.3)

In today’s video, we continue to make our way through Istanbul.
1.1 The Key to Crack the Code (continued)
1.2 Stay With Him
1.3 Who Are You Working For?

MI6 Translation: History of Istanbul dig site
“Construction of the record-breaking Bosphorus Tunnel in Istanbul has been put on hold after the project unearthed a Byzantine catacomb beneath the city. The find has caused excitement throughout the archaeological community and looks set to offer exciting new details about the people and practices of Constantinople.”

MI6 Translation: Last Thoughts
“To whoever finds this, I have little I can remember about the night I was abducted but I will share what I can. I was on my way home from the bio-medicine seminar at the Istanbul University when my taxi turned down an alley. Before I could protest I was dragged into the street, a hood put over my head and I was bundled into a van. I awoke in this cell and have been here for many days. My situation is dire butlmust remain hopeful for a peaceful resolution”

MI6 Vehicle Report: Crashed Truck
Light armored vehicle, registered to Bernin. Although ostensibly a licensed wine importer, Bernin primarily serves as a courier for the underworld. He has earned a reputation for speed and ruthlessness and his services are in high demand among the criminal fraternity.

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Part 04: Monaco (Mission 2.1)

Today’s video kicks off the game’s second chapter and takes us to Monaco, where there is a casino in a James Bond video game. What are the chances?
2.1 Your Basic Russian Oligarch…

MI6 Analysis: Architect of Casino
Bust of Christophe Loral, the architect who designed this casino in 1868. Throughout its history, the casino has played host to the rich and famous, an indicator of opulence and wealth. It was recently acquired by Russian entrepreneur Stefan Pomerov for an undisclosed sum.

MI6 Analysis: Brass Nude
This bronze statue of a female nude was offered as a gift by an unknown Italian collector in the late 1860s. Its arrival was shrouded with conspiracy and rumours of corruption. One theory suggests it was actually a bribe, used to obtain permission for an illegal high-stakes blackjack game to be held in the casino.

MI6 Analysis: Ornate Money Clip
An exclusive solid gold money clip, studded with diamonds and other precious gems. Its center socket holds a mottled red stone in the style of designer Nicole Hunter, a known business associate of Stefan Pomerov.

MI6 Analysis: Stone Lantern
This Toro (Japanese stone lantern) was donated to the casino by Hiro Kanawara, the head of the renowned Kanawara family, after a particularly successful gambling visit in 1937. It has since come to light that Hiro was exploiting a minor anomaly in the roulette table that allowed him to predict results with startling accuracy.

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Part 05: Siberia (Mission 2.2)

We’re still only in the second chapter of the game, but we’re moving on from Monaco to Siberia.
2.2 Not All Fun and Games

MI6 Decryption: Bernin
Our operative in Istanbul, Bernin was an efficient and intelligent man, capable of extracting information in a reliable manner. When Stefan Pomerov recruited him to obtain bio-weapons secrets from a British scientist, his operation was exposed and he was terminated by M16 agent, James Bond.

MI6 Armory Report: AK74
The AK-74 is a benchmark assault rifle, useful in almost any combat situation. It has been designed without compromise, resulting in superb accuracy across all ranges. A large ammo clip ensures its effectiveness against multiple hostiles.

MI6 Analysis: History of the Refinery
A detailed model of the newly refurbished refinery. owned by Russian billionaire Stefan Pomerov. Although Pomerov’s story has been portrayed in the media as a triumph of Siberian industry, rumors have surfaced of underhanded deals and bribery behind the scenes; specifically, permissions being illegally granted to fly cargo through environmentally protected waterways.

MI6 Analysis: Statue of the Industrialist
This statue is said to represent the three prime attributes of a successful industrialist; inspiration, dedication and discipline. It was commissioned by Stefan Pomerov to mark the completed refurbishment of his Siberian refinery and created by renowned sculptor Dmitri Betrova.

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Part 06: Siberia (Mission 2.3-2.4)

In today’s video, we’re still in Siberia!
2.2 Not All Fun and Games (continued)
2.3 Keep the Car Running
2.4 A Train to Catch

MI6 Analysis: Coolant Container
These containers hold coolant under high pressure for use in the refinery. Although intended for single use, it seems they have been repeatedly refilled, leaving them highly unstable and liable to rupture.

MI6 Analysis: Exhaust Pipe
Schematics show these pipes carry the exhaust away from the main refinery building. However they have been poorly maintained and a number of them have been disconnected, leading to dangerous levels of high pressure gas passing through the remaining pipe-work.

MI6 Decryption: Hybrid Anthrax Formula
An analysis of the formula held on these servers reveals the development of a hybrid form of anthrax. It appears to be resistant to all vaccines currently in use. However, there is also evidence of a bespoke cure in production with the possible intention being to ransom the antidote to the governments of infected countries.

MI6 Armory Report: МЗТ
An extremely well-balanced shotgun, the M3T is a valuable asset in almost any combat situation. It is able to take out enemies at close range while suppressing foes at distance. Its relatively tight spread requires users to display a degree of accuracy.

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Part 07: Siberia (Mission 2.5)

I swear this is the last video that takes place in Russia. Hope you like boss fights…
2.5 By Any Means Necessary

MI6 Armory Report: Anti-Missile Turret
The AP1 anti-missile turret is a powerful defensive and offensive weapon. Although manually operated, its high rate of fire allows it to reliably protect ships against hostile missiles. The 30 mm Gatling gun’s muzzle velocity enables it to fire up to 70 rounds a second and custom zoom levels allow its operator to track both distant and close-range targets.

MI6 Vehicle Report: Hovercraft Information
A heavy combat hovercraft, ex-military and designed primarily to sealift assault vehicles in hostile environments. Its heavy armor, compartmentalized superstructure, and auxiliary power systems make it able to withstand significant damage; however it is still vulnerable to sustained bombardment.

MI6 Armory Report: UMP
The UMP’s incredible accuracy and stopping power is earned at the cost of its slow fire rate. Despite its flaws, it has a powerful punch and can be highly effective in skilled hands.

Part 08: Bangkok (Mission 3.1-3.3)

Today’s video starts the third chapter of 007 Blood Stone, and takes us to Bangkok.
3.1 An Uneasy Alliance
3.2 One More Step and You’re Dead
3.3 One Bad Turn Deserves Another

MI6 Identification: Murdered Security Person
Dental scans identify this as Daeng Boone, a security guard at the Bangkok Aquarium. Cause of death is a single high velocity round to the head. Entrance/exit wounds indicate a shot from range. Boone was most likely sniped whilst patrolling the rooftops around the aquarium and his body subsequently hidden here.

MI6 Decryption: Police Orders
There is an Englishman in the city who is proving quite troublesome to me. Tell your men that he is responsible for the murder of the Chinese secret agent in the aquarium. He must be found and dealt with as soon as possible. If you are successful you will be handsomely rewarded; if not, you are well aware of the consequences. Rak.

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Part 09: Bangkok (Mission 3.4)

We continue terrorizing Bangkok in today’s video.
3.3 One Bad Turn Deserves Another (continued)
3.4 Old Friends, New Enemies

MI6 Armory Report: PCP-1000
The PCP-1000 is an electroshock weapon, capable of incapacitating subjects in a non-lethal manner. It fires two electrodes at the target before passing an electrical current to them through a connecting wire. This need to link the electrodes to the unit limits the PCP-1000’s effective range to 30 feet.

MI6 Decryption: Police Profile: Rak
Rak: a wealthy businessman of Mongolian ancestry. He owns vast swathes of the docks around the Chao Phraya River and is known to operate a variety of export businesses. In his time in Bangkok, Rak has had numerous allegations of criminal activity brought against him, including claims of homicide, torture with a bladed weapon, and human trafficking. An official police investigation found no evidence of such wrongdoing and Rak has been cleared of all charges.

MI6 Armory Report: 12 Gauge
This weapon’s compact size and wide spread makes it perfect for short range encounters but completely unsuitable for anything at distance. Its low ammo count and slow reload punish anyone who manages to miss their target.

MI6 Decryption: Ship’s Log
Rak, we were forced to ditch our cargo into the sea last night. A police patrol boat came too close and some of the prisoners started screaming for help. We had to put a bullet in their heads and throw them over the side to avoid being boarded. Luckily there was no one of particular significance among the cargo but I’ll raise the bribe to the authorities, make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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Part 10: Burma (Mission 3.5-3.6)

In today’s video, we’re in Burma, Mr. Bond!
3.5 You’re in Burma, Mr. Bond
3.6 The Beautiful and the Damned

MI6 Armory Report: Grenade Launcher
This grenade launcher is a single-shot model that fires propriety 43mm fragmentation ammunition at distances of up to 700 feet. Fired grenades are designed to arm after 5 metres and explode on contact.

MI6 Vehicle Report: Imported SUV
This vehicle has been flown over from Thailand. Its import documentation shows it crossed the border along with a number of ex-military vehicles. The import was carried out under the name of a shell company but financial records suggest it was coordinated by Rak’s organisation.

MI6 Decryption: Nicole
Nicole Hunter has been assigned by MI6 to assist Bond in his mission. It is thought she has been working as a fixer, enabling Bond to bring Pomerov’s operation to its knees. Nicole and Bond parted ways in Siberia; Bond headed to Bangkok while Hunter returned to Monaco.

MI6 Translation: Construction Notes
“The north generator’s installation has been a huge success and the men are busy hooking it up to the turbine. With everything proceeding at this rate, we will complete the project many months ahead of schedule.”

MI6 Identification: Dam Contract Worker
Minh San, a contract electrician working on the construction of a new hydroelectric dam. Although the dam will generate clean, renewable power for the area, it has come under heavy opposition for displacing nearly 15,000 people and flooding a large area of environmental significance.

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Part 11: Burma (Mission 3.7) & Epilogue

In today’s video, we wrap things up in Burma, then head back to Monaco for the epilogue and credits. Today’s video also marks the end of the singleplayer campaign, but there’s still one more bonus video showcasing the game’s multiplayer, so stay tuned. Or don’t!
3.7 I Already Know…
Epilogue: Meeting Adjourned

MI6 Armory Report: M1
The M1 is in its element when using its large ammo capacity to suppress enemies at a distance, then move up for a close range killing shot. It’s relatively fast fire rate makes it an intimidating force. Skilled marksmen will also find it’s tight spread an ally in taking out enemies at medium range.

MI6 Armory Report: M24
The embodiment of functional sniper rifle design, the M24 is a well balanced, single shot, semi-automatic. It’s 6x zoom makes it more than proficient in picking off targets at long distance and its pin point accuracy allows snipers to bank on every bullet hitting its mark.

MI6 Analysis: Pressure Controls
Schematics show these terminals are designed to control the distribution of water throughout the dam. With the site still under construction, operating these terminals may lead to uncontrollable pressure variation and possible ruptures.

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Supplementary: Multiplayer

In today’s video, we take a look at the multiplayer component of 007 Blood Stone in 2019.

Supplementary: Theater Mode

This video contains the bulk of 007: Blood Stone’s in-game cutscenes. Although much of the narrative experience is relayed through mid-mission dialogue, I played it very fast-and-loose when creating this reel, only including moments where camera control was actually wrestled away from the player-character, James Bond. Don’t worry, you’re not missing much.

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