Fixing a Lack of Shantae Around Here.

Edit x2 - Permission granted!

Hello again! Thought I would post my other ongoing LetsPlay series, Shantae: Half Genie Hero, which at this point is ITSELF part of a series - I played

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge as my 2nd LP project, I did Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse with a friend last year to share the game with him, and now we’re

both way too excited to be playing the new one together again.

What Is This?

Somehow Shantae is still somewhat obscure and that is a crime. This is one of the most colorful, lovingly crafted and funnily written series I’ve ever

played, and on top of that the games actually play really well and are fun on a basic gameplay challenge level. For anybody who doesn’t know, it’s a 2D

platforming series with the mechanic that you can perform dances to transform into different animals to progress. It’s got light Metroidvania elements, and

the soundtracks are usually really jammin’.

I’m not great at explaining things or putting up a toooon of info on what to expect or to tantalize people in, so I’ll just put up one thing before I get

to the videos.


I think I have a rough sense for the… let’s say style of videos most of the regulars here prefer to create or consume. I know most of y’all came from

SomethingAwful and I read the thread @frozentreasure posted about making a letsplay wherein it was stated

One of the driving principles of LP on SA was that the star of the show was the game, not the LPer, which meant that efforts by the LPer to mug it up for

the camera or promote themselves as a brand excessively got ridiculed until they either left the forum or became self-perpetuating forum memes.

So this is my warning that this series is chock-full of what people here might call Obnoxious.

We read dialogue in over-the-top voices. We keep up the talking about unrelated things in our personal lives. We’re playing it blind and making references

to stuff we did in a previous series that you guys haven’t seen. BUT, there’s no facecam at least, so that’s something right? (We’re both avid fans of Game

Grumps, if that helps add some context.)


At this point, maybe you’re wondering why I’m putting it here of all places then? Short Answer being - honestly, I just love this game series so much that

I want to share it with as many people and as many faces as I can. If even one person watches … an episode or 2 and decides we’re too painful to watch,

but goes and checks out the game for themselves? I consider that a win.

Besides, Shantae as a series is very, very strong in its personality. We don’t so much overpower the game with our own obnoxious selves, as use the

game as a springboard at every opportunity to come up with funny improv (with the game providing fodder at every turn. Honestly, we’re just working with

the game on its own terms.)

Half the fun, to us, is speaking in over-the-top voices and treating Rottytops like a drunk valley high girl. At least 30% of the series runtime is spent

just giggling. Part of why we both love it so much is that the experience of playing it together to make our OWN fun of it is so engaging.

So, taking the advice of another quote from that same aforementioned thread, I’m owning it. Feedback is welcome and always appreciated, just don’t ask

me to change the way I’m having fun with one of my best friends. :slight_smile:

I really do hope you check it out, just because I think this is one of the best and strongest series I’ve ever produced in terms of sheer entertainment

value , and if nothing else then just to see the game if you didn’t know about it already. But if this ain’t your style, no hard feelings.


Much like my pokemon series, since this one is already ongoing I’ll simply post the first episode, a playlist, and then today’s new release.

Episode 1:

Playlist for the videos in between…

Today’s Episode:

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Another episode posted today.

This is ending sooner than I thought it would. Going through the final level in this video, next time is Risky!

Turns out I was actually much closer to the end of this game than I thought. Seriously I thought there was a half dozen more episodes at least. Anyways… all done! Until the DLC anyways. :3: