Favicon is very small/unclear!

I just noticed that the LPzone’s bookmark icon (“Favicon!” I learned a new word today!) is very muddled-looking. Hard to tell what it is at the moment! It looks Missingno-ish in tabs, too.

You’re right, that is oddly small… Let me talk to our designer about it and see what’s up.

I’m not a graphic designer, but I think it’s just there’s kinda a lot going on and it doesn’t translate to shrinking that well. You’ll notice all the others are just a few lines or geometric shapes and largely distinct colors filled in. I like the logo but it just doesn’t minimize very well.

On that note being Missingno suits it just fine.

New favicon up - check it out and let me know if this works!

Here’s how it looks now! Definitely better than it was, but it’s still kinda hard to make out? Maybe it should just be the tip of the antenna, the red part? Not really sure!

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Great idea! Working on that now.

Hrahhh! Sometimes I really hate having a retina display. I see crystal clear pixel art on my screen and for anyone without it’s a garbled mess. Work work workin’

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Here we are:


I am going to murder those two pixels that are escaping me SO. HARD

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Looks pretty cute!

Yay, I can post again, thanks Bob :hamburger::+1:

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