Exploring the deep: Subnautica

Greetings you wonderful people. I’m new here and thought I’d begin with a let’s play of one of my favorite games. I will admit that I’m quite a ways into this game, but there’s quite a bit left to go… so maybe it’s not to late to post it here.

For anyone that doesn’t know, Subnautica is a game where you are stranded on an alien ocean world… that’s the basics… the rest of the story unfolds in the videos. I hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

The game is still in its Early Access stages, but is none the less very entertaining. In this Let’s Play of the game I try to focus more on the exploration, discovery, and story elements rather than the base building and farming elements. I will give tips and tricks here and there, but this is more about finding things in the world together with you, my audience.

Sorry about the big update all at once… just wanted to get this caught up to where I am so that it’s up to date as the let’s play moves forward.

Building the Prawn!

Preparing for the adventure to the Inactive Lava Zone and trying out the alien gateway in the mountain.

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wish they would give it a PS4 release, I would love to play it. My computer is too weak to even consider playing it on there. And I don’t want to just get an Xbone just to play it, too. : c But the world and everything looks amazing ! Looking forward to this.

oh man, I know, it sucks that only the xbone got it for console. I gotta say though that I ran it on a 5+ year old macbook and it ran fairly well on the lowest settings… if that gives you hope at all. :slight_smile:

it’s my graphics card on my laptop :c i’ve been trying to find an upgrade for it, but it would probably be easier to just buy a brand new laptop…but i am poor :CCCC

gotta say, if your tight on money and want to game, build a desktop mate.

yer that’s the plan when i stop moving around so much.

Good luck. Hope things settle down for you! or not… depending on what you like :stuck_out_tongue:

just did a bit of catching up so that this is up to date… wanted it to be current when I get more videos out.

Kinda surprised the OP doesn’t mention that this game is still in Early Access. Story progression is currently capped and many details about the plot are still being tweaked. Current release date is set for… March? May? Before summer, at any rate.

That said, it’s an amazing game and you should definitely play it, even if you’re terrified of the ocean. (Especially if you’re terrified of the ocean)

sorry mate, I’m bad at talking about stuff…

Just uploaded the latest episode… soon, the Lava Zone.