Enrel's Streaming Den

Who is you?
Yo, it’s ya boi Enrel. Dear god shot me if I do something like that again. But yes, Hi, I’m me and there’s nobody else I’d rather be than me. I do Let’s Plays of really that’s that are really good/underrated/bad/obscure. Generally speaking my streams would be in the range of either of those descriptions. Looking to pick up some games as speedruns too, but generally that’s after the Let’s Plays have finished. Mostly though it’s all for fun and my own enjoyment more than anything else.

I don’t have one. I work and very random hours. Sometimes I’ll do openings, sometimes I’ll do closings. or might favorite mid day run you ragged stuff. So to say you can expect a schedule from me would be a blatant lie. There’s also editing and recording of Let’s Plays that does take quite a lot of time for me. NOT TO MENTION I have other things I’m working on in my freetime. Which then makes it fairly difficult to gain the motivation to stream, or worst yet fight off the anxiety to stream.

What do you normally play?
It’s all really random actually. My fallback is always Resident Evil 4 cause damn I love that game. No I probably won’t learn the speedrun because fuck the Novistador room so much.

Otherwise it’s all games I love.
Dead Space 1 and 2 are great fun!
Darksiders 1 and 2
These games are my fall back

Otherwise it’s whatever has my interests at the time. A lot of Metroidvanias, RPGs, and Roguelikes.

Where can you be found?
Well you can always catch my LPs on the youtubes: https://www.youtube.com/user/ZainSAful

Otherwise the stream can always be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/enrel_kitsune

To emphasize that I don’t do well with RNG:



Well my birthday is this week, and I have basically a ton of free time. FIgure might as well stream and what best way than to do it with the Darksiders games! (Might not do Darksiders 2 since I don’t know if my computer will run it smoothly but we’ll try)


Doing more of the Danksiders in 5 minutes! This time actually doing 1 cause I fixed the streaming issue.

More of the first DarkSiders! Link already in the thread

Continuing on with the Birthday Week Stream-a-ganza~ We’re doing Dead Cells


So it’s the Birthday Week BIRTHDAY DAY stream

That mean’s we’re going to stream some Vanquish tonight!

Going back to Darksiders 1 today! You know Still on the twitch.

Drinking game: Mitochondria = one shot


Yep you heard that right… Come join in on the drinking game. It’ll be tons of fun. Feel free to play along or just come in and chat and watch someone get drunk AF over a stupid challenge.

Doing more Parasite Eve tonight! SOBER!

Ready for some ULTIMATE CUTE!?!? Well you better be cause Feather and I are going to be streaming Chocobo’s Dungeon (The Wii one)


It’ll be a small 2-3 hour stream

Doing more of this Chocobo stuffs

Cute stream returning

Doing more stuff with Chocobo Love

Learning to play some Dissidia NT today

Hey everyone~ Going to be streaming Monster Hunter Wold. Hopefully get to rank 6 and do that Horizon Zero Dawn Quest

It’s time boys~ Streaming some Astral Chain first time https://www.twitch.tv/enrel_kitsune