Elder Scrolls Online: You Can Stop Asking for a Skyrim Multiplayer MOD

Elder Scrolls Online was notoriously bad on release. It was a buggy mess and it quickly dropped its mandatory subscription and everyone assumed it would end up as another dead MMO in permanent maintenance mode. Then Zenimax realized how much money the spent on the game and decided “No, you’re fixing this.”

Fast forward to today, ESO has gotten significant content updates and has recently announced its Morrowind expansion. It also lifted its faction restriction for PvE, so now your circle of friends has no excuse to avoid you for playing an Argonian. It also, somehow, scales content to your level regardless where you are, so you can now play with your low-level friends and still get experience and loot appropriate to your level. What ESO is saying is basically "PLEASE, play with your friends!

I got into the game last year and although it’s clunky and I play it on auto-pilot with skipping all the story, it’s still enjoyable. It has a weird skill system where you can be a mage in heavy armor, or a tank DPS, or a healer tank. It also has crime. The crafting is managing spreadsheets. The trading is vendor-based, so no global Auction House. Now it’s getting player housing, too.

Does anyone else play it, or am I the only sucker so far? Anyone in EU?

I gave it a good hard look one time when it was on Steam Sale, but I didn’t take the plunge. The way the levels scale to content, it sounds a lot like Guild Wars 2. I think if the timing had been different, this would have grabbed the me from like 8 years ago, haha.

As someone who really hated how GW2 did level-scaling, I don’t mind it in ESO. It does it better and I think only world bosses scale a bit awkwardly.

I play it off and on, mostly as a bit of background distraction as I listen to podcasts or watch streams. It’s my favourite kind of MMO - the type where I don’t really need to interact with other people. :slight_smile:

Plus I do quite like the Elders Scrolls world and lore, so it’s fun to get more of that. And I can play it with a controller, which is my preferred method of playing things.

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I’ve played it a bit, sort of forgot I had it though, lol