Eat your heart out, Yooka-Laylee. - Let's Play "FreezeME"

Let’s Play FreezeMe

FreezeMe is a darling, underrated gem of a 3D platformer. And when I say underrated, I mean absolutely nobody gives a damn about this game. Clive 'N Wrench gained more popularity. But unlike any other recent attempt to revive 3D platformers, FreezeMe has a special place in my soul. It had the courage to stand up tall and shout, “I am not trying to be Banjo Kazooie!”

So what is it trying to be?

Well, Mario. This game captures the spirit of Mario’s game design better than any other game inspired by him. The developer himself is quick to compare it to Mario 64, but it feels more like a hybrid of Sunshine and Galaxy, combining elements of both for a colorful, fast-paced mix of instant gratification and whimsical exploration. If you’re only in the ride to count the number of references, paint strokes, and ideas borrowed from the plumber’s games, let me save you the trouble: it is a low budget, unlicensed Mario game with a freeze ray. You’re gonna have to bite that bullet if you want to enjoy it.

It’s good at being a knockoff?

Absolutely! As I said, you’d be hard-pressed to find another non-Mario game with a better understanding of Mario’s design.

What’s this about a freeze ray?

The advertised “twist” in FreezeMe is the main character’s camera, which can be used to freeze objects in time. Get it, because it’s a camera? And cameras preserve moments in time? Okay, I think you’ve got it. It’s an interesting idea, but if you’re coming to FreezMe to see game design thoroughly based around it, then you’ve also come to the wrong place. Don’t get me wrong, the camera has its shining moments, but it’s more an appendage to the player than anything else.

How’s this going to work?

I’m going to be 100%ing the game, collecting all the Golden Cubes, Green Coins, and uh… Salamanders. Be aware that the playthrough is going to have a drastic shift in style around halfway through, though.


You’ll see. Let’s get down to business.



Oh, right! This game! I didn’t have any idea what you were talking about at first, but the moment I saw it in motion, I remembered other people talking about this game when it came out about how it’s secretly really good.

Oh wow, the site notifies me through email when someone replies. That’s kinda cool. Anyway yeah, considering it was only developed by one guy, it’s pretty remarkable. Even though it lacks a lot in polish, it captures the spirit of Mario pretty well.

I’d never heard of this game. it looks very fun to just jump and bounce around in which is whats most important for these games

It was a surprisingly under-loved game, I recommend trying it if you can put up with the lack of polish.

I remember seeing my girlfriend pick this up on a whim and she loved it. It looked really charming and cute despite the low budget. I do remember raising an eyebrow at all the strange things they just mashed into the levels. Like there wasn’t any kind of consistent theme, just if it looked playful or goofy well… Put it in I guess.

All that said can’t wait to see more, it’s kind of nice to look at in a plasticity children’s toy kind of way. c:

The Paper Mario-like opening caught my attention, but put me in the wrong mindset for the entire rest of the game. Mixing homage like that should be illegal.

Expectations do need to be lowered for this one. The developer lacked the resources to create a consistent art style, or even the most basic polish… but he understood Mario’s game design well enough.

The intro made me think there would be a bigger focus on narrative than there is.

I feel nothing toward this boss battle.

Littlebit too much sand. But no seriously this is my favorite level.

We stop Fat the Cat and nothing goes wrong and everything goes right.

Well then… Didn’t expect that to be a new mechanic!

Nobody expects the 3D platformer to let you turn super saiyan.

I’m not qualified to give you business advice sir I’m just here to take your money.

I must’ve felt off while recording this one.

So how do the flying controls feel? They look kinda janky.

Think of the wing-cap from Mario 64.

Condensing hours of real-time effort.

Most of these are actually fun.

I’m guessing what happened with the horrid planet challenge was the creator tried it and said “Yeah, those are easy to find” not really realizing that, of course they’d find them easily, they already know where they are, they put them there.