Earthbound Meets Independence Day - Let's Play G-O-D: The Call to Awaken

G-O-D was released by a small Japanese developer called Infinity in 1996 for the Super Famicom - keep in mind that at this point, all three fifth-generation consoles are out and active. It stands out against the rest of Infinity’s catalog, which is mostly ports of Amiga games to the SNES and Japanese localizations of Western games. A fan translation group released a patch for it in 2018.

There may or may not have been a sequel on the PS1, I don’t know if it’s a sequel or just a remake. In any case, the PS1 game has not been translated.

As JRPGs go, G-O-D is kinda standard fare. It’s very clearly inspired by Phantasy Star, but also by the Mother series. Still, it’s an interesting enough game that I decided I was going to LP it at some point… and barring anything better to do, I’m going to do it now.

I will be playing this on real hardware using a flashcart, though that may change as this game has kind of a high encounter rate and I may resort to fast-forwarding. Fortunately, transferring the save to an emulator is incredibly easy.

With that, let’s watch as this game starts one way and then abruptly goes off the rails into uncharted territory.

Fuck, nevermind. Apparently, the group that translated this game are a bunch of right-wingers who inserted a bunch of racist bullshit into a spot late into the game that isn’t actually there in the Japanese script. Guess this is dead before it even got started.

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