Dumb self-indulgent LPs

Let’s talk about self-indulgent LPs! I’m about to make one, and I’m not sure where I should put it.

I’m doing one of those XCOM campaigns where all the rookie soldiers in the character pool are based on my friends, and possibly other people if I need to pad out the numbers, and it’s super awkward when I get one of them killed. My first instinct is to not post it in lp.zone because it’s way too specific, and I’m not really planning to make it stupendously informative? In that case, though, is there a way to get tumblr to behave correctly for a screenshot/hybrid LP? Most of the time it seems like a major hardship to get images on tumblr to be like, where and how you want them if they aren’t just in a pile at the top of the post.


Over the years Tumblr has deviated pretty far from an actual blogging platform, in favor of catering to those who just use it as an alternative to Reddit.

The best advice I could give for this is to use custom pages, which can be created using the Tumblr theme editor. With custom pages you just write your own website, and so long as it’s static assets or scripts stored offsite it won’t get trimmed out during page validation.

Of course this requires you know HTML and CSS to get the most bang for your buck. You can give this page a look (http://theme-hunter.tumblr.com/post/30927039534/how-to-install-custom-pages), they also post links to premade themes that can be used as a point of departure in making what you need.

Sorry can’t help out with more info, on mobile, bussing to work :slight_smile:

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Luckily, I’m a software dev and web dev :smiley:

I didn’t even know that custom pages was a thing. I’ll look into that, thanks.

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Self-indulgent LPs? Gee, that’s like, all I do!

Games I like are the only ones I want to make LPs of, but that includes games that never came out in English. So the ones I go the extra mile to translate to present as LPs are the ones I really enjoy. So even if they’re super-obscure, and only draw in a handful of viewers, it’s worth it to me for the whole “passion project” aspect. Plus, translation LPs involve almost all my skills.

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