Dragon Day Care: Let's Play Yakuza 3

めんそーれー! Welcome to Game Kiwi’s juiciest LP yet, Yakuza 3!

Yakuza 3?
That would be correct. Like it says on the tin, they called the third Yakuza game Yakuza 3. We played the first game in 2015 (holy shit) (LP Archive Link). We also played Yakuza 2 throughout last year (LP Archive Link). AP hadn’t really come into contact with Yakuza before meeting me, and he’s still liking it so we’re gonna keep going as long as that’s the case.

It’s also worth noting that there was another game between 2 and 3 called Kenzan what never came west. Since it’s not in English we’re going to be skipping it (though I may stream a bit at some point). If you want to see that game, I played a little bit during Extra Life 2015. Egomaniac also did a fully translated LP of it that’s very good (http://lparchive.org/Ryuu-ga-Gotoku-Kenzan/)

Who are you?
Game Kiwi is an internet in-joke turned into a real thing. Once again I’ve got AP joining me at the wheel. AP lives in Wales, and I live in California. This is our 4rd LP together! It’s getting to be a lot of them!

When will you release?
We plan on releasing videos on our usual Mondays and Fridays. There will also be bonus videos. Once I introduce minigames and side stuff to AP I plan to stream (and archive on YT, naturally) me playing more of those unless it’s something AP personally wants to see more of. Streams will likely come on Fridays when I’m not recording actual eps. This should let us both keep the LP focused as well as being able to show more of the side content than before. I also plan on streaming NG+ on higher difficulty to show off what’s going on there. This Yakuza LP is going to be our biggest yet!

Anything else?
Yakuza is still great! After that last LP I’m really realizing how much better these games got with each iteration. We’re both looking forward to sharing our island journey with y’all! So, buckle on your aloha shirts, and let’s go!

:siren: Spoiler Rules: :siren: Please don’t. This is a very story-centric game, and AP is getting it for the first time (as may be other posters). Please don’t ruin it for them. If you really really want to talk spoilers, there’s the Yakuza General Thread for that, or you can PM me for spoilery tips or things you want me to try and check out. If you absolutely have a burning need to talk spoilers, then blackbar tag them and any responses to spoiler comments, otherwise AP can’t read the thread. Please don’t make AP sad he’s a very sensitive boy.

Episode List: (Series Playlist)

Recap Episodes:

Submitted Art

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I’m hoping and praying for some art from some kind soul, but just in case that doesn’t happen this will live here.

To start this thread proper, here’s the latest episode, as well as two just-posted-today bonus episodes! I hope y’all enjoy!

Are the links on the banners just not implemented yet or has something gone wrong? Sorry if I’m commenting too early but just in case you’re unaware…

Something went wrong! I guess I’m still trying to figure this forum’s formatting out! Sorry! I’ll try and fix that right now!

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No problem, wasn’t sure if I was just missing an obvious link somewhere or what lol

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Thanks for letting me know. Should be fixed now. Banners will be up for the bonus vids in a sec as well.

e: They’re up too now. And my slightly modified bonus ep banner is revealed!

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Hi. I’m here too.

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Happy new week! It’s time for a new ep!

Happy Friday! Here’s Daddy!

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I’m glad someone’s still taking a crack at this series. 3 might be my least favorite just for the slow, slow start and the weird localization choices, but it’s still a damn fine game.

We’ve really been enjoying the slow start. It’s a nice change of pace from the nonstop incoherence of 2 (before this game’s also pretty bad plot gets rolling too). It’s head and shoulders a better game than 1 & 2 though, IMO. Dumb content cuts aside.

Bonus streams that are in continuity with the main videos are going to get put in the main timeline in the OP. Just FYI.