Draft Folder

I was wondering if it would be possible to add a draft folder. Currently if you are making a post and decided to store it. You either have to cancel it or hold on to the draft between pages. You also can only hold on to one draft at a time it seems (I might be wrong about this)

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I believe you’re right about holding one at a time. We’ll approach Discourse and request this functionality.


Please let me know how this goes, b/c I’m gonna have to start putting the raw text into notepad as a safety precaution.
If you click a link on the site, and remain on the site. The draft is still there.
But, if you leave the site on that tab or close the tab, it’s just gone.
This is especially frustrating for stuff like many options polls/votes, as I have learned the hard way after losing almost 30 min. of post writing progress.