Doom II: Hell on Earth - No Place to Wreak Havoc Like Home

Doom was a success, so Id made more Doom. Thus, Doom II. Don’t need much more than that. Except maybe a double shotgun and a few more nightmarish enemies.

The Story:
Doomguy may have blasted his way through the forces of Hell both on Phobos and in Hell itself, but that didn’t stop them from invading Earth. Arsenal in hand, he must help the survivors escape the only way he knows how.

The LP:
Once again, JigglyJacob takes the lead for an All Secrets run. Myself (ThornBrain) and TorpidTypist join him on co-commentary. This is just the base game; Jacob won’t be playing the Master Levels or No Rest for the Living.


Babysitting is treacherous

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Took me all day before I could update the thread due to external hard drive failure. For now, meet a new nightmare.