Digital Paintings/Animations by ShadowZiggy


Some of my art from my Artstation and some recent stuff.

Along with animations

This one I just started.


Animations that I’ll be continuing to update.

Redoing this animation from 12fps to 24fps

For context:






An update with Mei from Overwatch!


Your use of lighting and rendering in these illustrations are really fascinating!! You have a knack for animation timing as well, which is pretty impressive! I would suggest that maybe when you animate (and illustrate, in some cases), to draw out the basic gesture of the character or object that you’re depicting first, and then tack on the details later. I’ve noticed that especially with your cat animation that while it’s really impressive to see the strong level of consistent detailing throughout the whole animation, the form and shape can ultimately be lost… It’s a thing I struggle with daily as well, and it’s the worst to fix when you’ve already drawn it in such pristine detail!! While it’s important to make a drawing look polished, it’s also important in the long run (for the sake of faster improvement) to tackle the base anatomical structure and to make it strong and sturdy. I guess as a metaphor, its like trying to build a building. You’d want to start with the foundation of it before setting up the window panes and stuff, right? Something like that.

But otherwise!!! I’ve been tracking your progress through Twitter for a long time now and I do see a lot of potential from your sensibilities. I’d say in the near future, set yourself aside for a few minutes per day to study some anatomy. You won’t ever regret putting down the time for it (I sure haven’t!!)


I really appreciate this post a lot. Yeah with the cat animation I’m going back to at a later date with a fresh mind because due to some heavy irl stuff while working on it, I was ultimately burned out. In any other case there are times I would look at anatomy studies but then sometimes I wont do it for the next drawing and it doesn’t come out like it should. Just gotta not forget to keep looking at references when I need to. Thanks a lot again and I hope to see some more cool things from you soon!


Yeah, it’s very hard to build anatomy studies as a habit… I’ve found it to be annoying to have to fish out for specific anatomy reference to tackle illustrations, because while there’s certainly the unlimited possibilities of finding one through google or internet-means, it takes FOREVER to get one that has decent enough lighting to see how the form works… Stuff like that.

An easier way I’ve been doing for years is to buy anatomy books (NOT the medical ones, those are very daunting and they can lead you to delve more into detail-oriented mindset instead of foundation-oriented mindset). Look for anatomy books that are drawn by artists. There are a TON to choose from that show spectacular solidity of form and gesture; Bridgeman, Henry Yan, etc. Just search on Amazon and pick a book that you find the artist’s style very approachable to you (a lot of people recommend Bridgeman for some reason but to me, I found his book more daunting to tackle than, say, Vilppu)

Anyway, find a book that you wouldn’t mind looking through every day for the next few months. Open a random page with a drawing that looks easy for you to parse, open your sketchbook beside it, and copy it. Trace it. Study it. Compare it to another pose on the next page over. Study the differences of weight distribution, of where the artist decided to leave out details and just define something with a simple stroke, see what you can apply to your own drawings from that study… Just learn why and how this pose works as it is. Eventually though, you’ll want to start going into details, you can probably get a book that has an artist draw much more detailed figure drawings and learn from those pretty much the same way. But regardless, the thing here is that getting a general good sense of foundation takes a long time because you can only study one drawing at a time.

Of course, this method doesn’t work for everybody, but I found it works best for me along with 15 sec, 30 sec and 1-2 minute gesture drawings. I’ve managed to build strong foundation much more quickly that way.


I do have an old anatomy book from my art college when me and my class mate buddies did life drawing classes. I just can’t seem to find it. I don’t know what happened to it, it just kind of vanished. If I could just fish that out at some point I’ll look through it again.



Based on a tweet from Rysticx and I was like “Ok”


Animation update WIP


More roughed out


The sliding figure is me IRL.


Haha, I’m gonna use that sliding portion to indicate the speed of the background animation to come later.
Here I’m just gonna focus on the kick portion for a bit.

added more frames at the end so she didn’t land stiff like

Without the rough lines




Edit: Caught a small mistake but I’ll fix it soon.


Added more frames at the beginning to give it more sense of weight.


Two sketches


Random Lapis Lazuli


Will do more clean up later



Mostly cleaned up here.

I think I’ll leave this alone for a while but here is Bea from Night in the Woods