Did I make a mistake?

Hi everyone. I want to start this post out by saying that I’m completely new to the Let’s Play community. I’ve been watching LPs for years and have posted a couple of gameplay videos in years past, but this is my first time attempting a full-fledged LP of my own.

I decided that I would play Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for my first LP, since it’s a game that I loved growing up and have many very fond memories of. However, since it is going to be a very long commitment thanks to the length of the game, and the amount of pressure that I’m going to be under to make my videos look good considering that TTYD is an almost universally praised game, I’m starting to feel like I might have bitten off way more than I can chew for my first project.

Should I have started with something smaller before trying to take on such a huge game, or will this process turn out to be a good learning experience for me?

Choosing to do an RPG for your first LP can be a daunting task. If you feel a bit unsure and overwhelmed by it, try to see if there’s a shorter game you can start out with at first to test the waters.

Here is a good thread with good tips for first-time LPers. Read through that, maybe you’ll get some ideas.

While the usual recommendation is to do something short and simple before tackling a huge game like TTYD, that is by no means a universal truth because plenty of people have done RPGs or huge open world games as their first LPs and they turned out just fine. I’d say you have nothing to lose, give it a shot and if you find it overwhelming you can always put the LP on hold and try again later.

I was considering doing a few shorter, more informal videos from time to time on racing games, fighting games and the like, so would that be a good way to get some extra training in?

Sure! Those sort of games probably fits well with that sort of informal style.

your first lp is always gonna suck and ur always gonna take some time trying to find out ur style, so don’t worry too much about game choices and just do whatever seems fun and then learn from that.


Feel free to quit any time you feel you’ve had enough and move on to the next game. You don’t owe it anyone to actually finish this. People will understand. :smiley:

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Yeah, if you burn out, you can leave it as unfinished or come back to it much later. It’s fine.

If you feel you’re going to be under a lot of pressure making an LP of TTYD currently, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get practice doing something easier/shorter. Having an established workflow, whether you’re working on a VLP or an SSLP, helps bunches.

After giving it a lot of thought, reading a lot of things on this forum, and rewatching the videos I’ve already made, I have decided not to continue with my TTYD LP.

I feel bad, since it was a project that I had already started, but I had made barely any progress, so I suppose that it’s better to cut my losses now rather than make it halfway through before stopping.

It’s a game that I really do want to do an LP of at some point in the future, but definitely not now. At the moment, I’m definitely not ready to take on such a huge game, especially one that means so much to me.

You can always come back to it later on. Even if it was something you started, you can always put a spin on material you’ve already done by bringing a new friend on for that co-commentary. That’s exactly what I did with an Illusion of Gaia LP I did, I came back to it 2 years after I started it and after I had tons of new experience in video editing and pacing