daveydweeb is learning to speedrun Max Payne!


Hello. :slight_smile: I am performing an act of ~thread necromancy~ because I have raised my Twitch stream from the dead. I’m currently playing the hell out of The Long Dark on its hardest difficulty setting, Interloper. The Long Dark is a wilderness survival game with no zombies, supernatural enemies or fantastic mechanics at all, really: you’re just stuck in the Canadian wildlands, and everyone else on Earth is dead. Have fun!

Interloper difficulty is a mile apart from the usual play modes, with a number of changes that make it much more hardcore for a game that’s already quite close to a roguelike:

  • The weather starts out bad, and consistently worsens for the entire game. Long playthroughs will see constant blizzards and wild weather that make it almost impossible to survive without adequate preparation.
  • Oh, and despite the weather being so bad, you can’t stay inside too long because cabin fever will develop and kill you too.
  • I’m cold and there are wolves after me.
  • And bears.
  • The game doesn’t spawn most of the essential equipment that you need to survive the early game in the easier difficulties. No rifles, no good clothing, not even a hunting knife. You have to make it all yourself, and even the basic equipment takes a few days to make.

So why not join me while I die horribly in the cold, over and over again? I have a twitch channel where this all happens: https://www.twitch.tv/daveydweeb

Stream Schedule

Weekdays when I’m not at work (which is a weird eight-day rotating roster), at the following times:

11am - 4pm Australian EST
8pm - 1am US EST
1am - 6am GMT (welp)


Ranch it up! #legalizeranch


Are you one of those ranch heads I keep hearing about?


I’m going to bed. That was enjoyable. :slight_smile: Ten people came along at one point or another, so I’m no Day[9], but it was nice to have an excuse to talk through what I was doing to myself anyway.


Now I’m playing video games again. Whee!

Today, Total War: Warhammer. It’s a video game. I’m playing it. The wood elves expansion, in particular.


I’m going live with Kerbal Space Program in 10 minutes. :slight_smile: Come join me.

e: I tried and failed to get an unmanned probe to Minmus (I got it there, but timewarped a little too far and it crashed early :frowning: ), so I ragequit. Time for comfort dota. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finished nights and now I can’t sleep at 3am. This means I should play some Civilization VI. :slight_smile:


I am playing World of Tanks. I have developed a pun for the thread title, as is my custom.


I’m streaming World of Tanks again now. :slight_smile: I’m grinding the credits to buy my T28 Prot.


Today I am streaming World of Tanks again. I have a new T28 Prototype to spin around, and I’m working towards earning the big gun on it (which the wiki reliably informs me makes you a destroyer of worlds). Here she is:


Once again, I am streaming World of Tanks in a platoon. :slight_smile:


I am streaming World of Tanks with friends: https://www.twitch.tv/daveydweeb



I have bumped this thread for an incredible act of ~thread necromancy~. I hope that’s ok! The changes are in the OP. I’ll be going live in about twenty minutes from this post.


And I’m back! I’m streaming The Long Dark Interloper runs, and the game is currently 75% on Steam! :slight_smile: Come check it out. http://twitch.tv/daveydweeb


So tomorrow I have a few things I want to do… and I’m going to give it a go streaming them all more or less at once. The weather in my home time is starting to warm up as we wrap up Spring, so it’s time to put a homebrew beer on!

Tomorrow I’ll be streaming as I put on an orange wheat beer to brew, and playing The Long Dark during the slow parts of the process (the boil, chilling the wort, and so on). I’m actually pretty excited about this, I think it’ll be some dumb fun. :3 I’ll be starting around 0900hrs AEST, 1900 US EST.



I’m playing the original Max Payne live on Twitch, and it’s the first game I’ve ever tried to speedrun. I’m having a wonderful time playing it and I’d love for you to join me. :slight_smile:

I explain the tricks I’m using as I go - partially to remind myself what I’m doing :stuck_out_tongue: - and interact frequently with chat. Why not come see what it’s like at twitch.tv/daveydweeb ?


I’m learning to play Max Payne in fifteen minutes! Why not come join me?