D&D Let's Play/Podcast Hybrid?

Hello, very excited for this new LP forum, and I wanted to ask if it’d be cool to post a non-videogame LP!

Some friends and I decided to start a new Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign and record our sessions for a podcast, inspired by shows like The Adventure Zone, Drunks & Dragons, Critical Role, etc. Would it also count as a Let’s Play and therefore be appropriate to post in the main forum? I really want to participate and also find ways to promote the show when it goes live.

We’ve done a couple of sessions, and I think it’s going to be really good! All of the regular players are pro or semi-pro artists, so we’ll have fun bonus drawings to post, at the very least.

So let me know the general feeling, yea or nay. And I can share more info on the podcast/campaign itself if anyone is interested.


Considering that Six Feats Under (which you should check out!) started out as exactly the type of thing you’re talking about, then I reckon it’d probably be okay.

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Yeah, I’ve listened to a bunch of Six Feats Under! I just wanted to be polite and check, since it’s a new forum.

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Absolutely, you can! We even have “tabletop” and “audio-only” tags just for this purpose!

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I, for one, would love to listen to your adventures!

I for one am always down for more Elf Game Crew LPs.

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I’m a big fan of the Let’s Play D&D 4e and Six Feats Under, so I’m open for more Tabletop LP shenanigans