Crowdsource: What do I want for my birthday?

It’s my birthday tomorrow, I’ll be 35. People wanna know what I want but I already bought Dragon’s Dogma and A Night in the Woods for myself. They won’t take, “Nothing” for an answer.

Please help me and tell me what I should want for my birthday. Thanks.

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A single, homemade meringue cookie. From each person. They must be different flavors and shapes.

The entire “This is John Galt” speech inscribed on a single birthday cake.


1000 folded cranes.

don’t pay for happy birthdays because they are free HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY

and just ask them to treat you to lunch/dinner/breakfast or somethin’

one of every pancakes from the international house of pancakes

Hey happy birthday, you really want a life-size Stretch Armstrong.


Cake creativity is some of the best stuff ever. I like to take advantage of the ‘print a picture on a cake’ services some grocery stores do.

Like, for example, the time I made my friend a Metal Gear Rising ‘Zandatsu’ cake, gave him a knife, and told him to slice it anyway he wanted:


Get a box of delicious macaroons from a local bakery. I googled it and there are a couple in your area, friend.

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Some kind of soft and extremely huggable plush animal. I forget if Prel tolerates hugs or not.

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Ask for each person’s eternal soul.

:money_mouth: :money_with_wings: :dollar: :moneybag: MONEYYYYYY :moneybag: :dollar: :money_with_wings: :money_mouth:

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She loves it, look how thrilled she is.
Please ignore the pudgy ugly white woman.

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Porn, just ask for massive amounts of pornography.

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