Crit Fail Ate my Character: Let’s Talk Tabletop!


I’ve recently been enjoying the heck out of Gloomhaven. It improves on the Descent/Imperial assault formula by having a lot more choice during player turns while removing the Overlord, which encourages a lot less annoying/game-y monster behavior. It also has fun legacy mechanics, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea.


Hi I’m trying to start a tabletop game of Ryuutama and nobody seems interested in joining. What am I doing wrong? Is there anything I can do to make my game more enticing or appealing for people to want to apply in?
Here’s the thread.


I’ve played BattleTech online with people a few times and it’s pretty fun. Been trying to get a hold of some minis for Alpha Strike so I can play with a friend at my LGS, since the rules for that simplify the game a bit (no hexes for one thing, you use a ruler/tape measure). It’s sadly not very easy to get into the “classic” game anymore because the intro box has been OOP and costs too much.

Edit: I don’t know if it falls under the tabletop category come to think of it but there is an RPG module called MechWarrior


Hey folks if you’re gonna try playing a Ryuutama campaign make sure to tune the combat a little because it’s a bit boggy.

MonsterHearts II is pretty fun and Six Feats Under is making me wanna play Mouseguard help.


The biggest problem with Ryuutama’s combat is the damage is super swingy because every weapon is a 1dX and modifiers to that are low, so it gets really grindy when you’re fighting enemies with like 30 health and you keep rolling below average on a d8.


Yeah but your experience was already tuned as I often reduced armor by 1-2, reduced HP by 10ish and reduced condition by 1-3 to make them even hittable.

Pash should have had a 13 condition, can you even imagine?


After a long time of wanting to play some Tabletop, I found a group of friends to play with, and aside from some scheduling problems, it’s been going great :+1: We’re doing Lost Mine of Phandelver for D&D 5e, and it’s been very good for a bunch of first timers. :ok_hand:


Sorry if this is the wrong thread. I poked around and couldn’t find anywhere more appropriate.

I’ve got a schedule that means all my free time is in the midnight realm. My mutually day-sleeper friend and I are really jonesing for a game. We really only need a third, but a couple more people who want to do a weekly game in the middle of the night voice-over-Discord would be amazing. We tend to lean towards stuff like Fate and PbtA, but we also like classic and new World of Darkness, and aren’t averse to most games.